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Web Site of Fuyuki Ishikawa & Ishikawa Lab.

Associate Professor at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

Theme: PromiSSE

Our group has been investigating the future of smart and trustworthy software and techniques for its development and operation.

Specifically, the interests are in models of "promisses" (specification, contracts, SLA (Service-Level Agreement), laws, norms, policy, etc.) and their use by human or software itself at design-time or run-time. Thus we use the group name PromiSSE: Promise-Driven Software and Service Engineering as well.

Present Primary Topics at a glance

Research Theme

Working primarily on Service-Oriented Computing and Formal Methods areas through various projects including international and academic-industry collaborative projects

Lab Group

Actively working in a virtual group that consists of researchers, students, and intern students with NII and several universities, including many from abroad.


Have been publishing many papers and serving as commitee members in key conferences and journals in Service-Oriented Computing, Software Engineering, and Formal Methods.


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