This is a web site of Fuyuki Ishikawa:

Associate Professor at NII (National Institute of Informatics) Japan

Trustworthy & Smart Software Engineering Group at NII, involving students from The University of Electro-Communications and The University of Tokyo (with Honiden-Lab)

Interest: Trustworthy & Smart Software Engineering

Selected Activities

Funded Projects


(including co-authored)

  1. Investigating Country Differences in Mobile App User Behavior and Challenges for Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, January 2015
  2. SanGA: A Self-adaptive Network-aware Approach to Service Composition, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, July 2014
  3. Robust Service Compositions with Functional and Location Diversity, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, Preprint, December 2013
  4. Towards Robust Service Compositions in the Context of Functionally Diverse Services, WWW 2012
  5. Towards Network-aware Service Composition in the Cloud, WWW 2012
  6. Service Selection with Combinational Use of Functionally-Equivalent Services, ICWS 2011
  7. QoS-aware Automatic Service Composition by Applying Functional Clustering, ICWS 2011
  8. Efficient QoS-aware Service Composition with a Probabilistic Service Selection Policy, ICSOC 2010
  9. A Probabilistic Approach to Service Selection with Conditional Contracts and Usage Patterns, ICSOC 2009
  10. A Framework for Synthesis of Web Services and Mobile Agents, Int'l Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications 2005


  1. [Vice Chair] IEICE Technical Group on Services Computing (Apr 2009 - Mar 2013)
  2. [Co-Organizer] The 13th Overture Workshop (Overture-13 at FM 2015) at The 20th International Symposium on Formal Methods
  3. [Co-Organizer] Shonan Meeting on Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems (TCPS)
  4. [Program Co-Chair] Web Intelligence Track at International Workshop on Web Intelligence and Smart Sensing (IWWISS 2014)
  5. [Co-Chair] DS-Event-B 2012 at ICFEM 2012: Workshop on experience and advances in developing dependable systems in Event-B at The 14th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods
  6. [Vice Director] Tokyo Regional Contest of ACM-ICPC 2010: International Collegiate Programming Contest
  7. [Publicity Chair] ICSOC 2009: The 7th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
  8. [Student Volunteer Co-Chair] ASE 2006: The 21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

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