CRIS Research Exchange Meeting

CRIS timely holds exchange meetings on research with reports from leaders of collaborative and commissioned researches together with followed discussions in order to facilitate the research progress.

3rd meeting (November 5, 2019)

With reports on research purposes, plans/contents, novelties, recent progresses and future plans from leaders of eight commissioned researches, which were newly selected as 2019 topics in August 2019, discussions were conducted prosperously such as on intelligent living supports using deep learning schemes, problem solving through dialogues, etc. We also had a report from Prof. Kobayashi (Waseda University), representing 3 collaborative researches, which started from October 2019 as shifts from commissioned ones.

2nd meeting (August 9, 2019)

Discussions were conducted with reports on research progresses from leaders of nine commissioned researches, selected as 2018 ones and started from March 2019. With participation of CRIS members including those belonging to LINE Corp. and cooperative researchers, discussions were conducted intensively not only on research progresses but also on research prospects, sketches for solving social problems, and so on.

1st meeting (January 9, 2019)

With participation of CRIS members including those belonging to LINE Corp., contents of the proposed researches were explained from leaders of commissioned researches selected in 2018. Then, discussions were conducted intensively on research plans together with future plans and sketch for social problem solving. At the beginning of the meeting, we also had talks from Kitsuregawa Director General, NII and Eguchi CEO, LINE Corp. In their talks, CRIS activities were first introduced, and then expectation for commissioned researches was addressed.