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A modularized federated OS based on L4 micro kernel and Plan9 from Bell Labs.

LP49 __/__/__/__/

(Last updated: 2010/06/30)

LP49: Federated software bus based on L4 and Plan9.

Dependable/robust OS using a micro kernel and multi-server organization.
Each server is strongly separated and guarded.
Universal Federation
At present: porting Plan 9 features. with the hope of becoming a study base for future universal fedrations.
Simple, Scalable, Secure component, , ,
Not paperware, but actual software.
As a material for OS learning and OS development of your own.
Practice is very important as theory is.

TAR-file of LP49 source code.

(^_^) LP49-yymmdd.tar.gz file (31MB, 2010/06/30 updated)

Documents (in Japanese)

(^_^) LP49 user manual (PDF) (2009/06/30 updated)

(^_^) LP49 internal structure (PDF) (2009/06/30 updated)

(^_^) LP49 NW program structure (PDF) (2009/06/10 updated)

(^_^) Data structure (PDF) (2008/10)

Useful (hoped) image files

(^_^) LP49 boot-CD image file for Qemu (11MB, 2010/06/30 updated)

(How to use)
       % qemu -cdrom lp49-boot.cd -std-vga
       --- LP49 ---
       LP49[/]: d vga

(^_^) LP49 HDD image file for Qemu (3MB, 2008/05 updated)

(How to use)
       % gunzip lp49.disk.gz
       % qemu -cdrom lp49-boot.cd -hda lp49.disk -boot d -std-vga
          ----- Boot from CD image.
       --- LP49 ---
       LP49[/]: mount -ac /srv/dos /c /dev/sdC0/dos-0
          ---- DOS-file-system on the  Hard disk image is mounted onto /c.
       LP49[/]: cd /c

(^_^) Qemu for Windows-XP including LP49 (25MB, 2009/05/xx )

(How to use on Windows-XP)
    [1] Unzip the qemu-0.9.zip file.
    [2] Click the qemu-0.9.1-windows-LP49 folder.
    [3] Click the LP49 folder.
    [4] Double click lp49-1.bat, then 1st LP49 will start up.
    [5]  LP49[/]: ipsetup
    [6] Double click lp49-2.bat, then 2nd LP49 will start up.
    [7]  LP49[/]: ipsetup
This Qemu does not work on WIndows-Vista.
Why ? I don't know the reason.

(^_^) Qemu/Plan9 virtual disk image (103MB, 2009/04 )

(How to use on Linux)
    [1] % gunzip plan9.img.gz
    [2] qemu -hda plan9.img -std-vga
    [3] File system ?  Return 
    [4] User:   glenda 
    [5] Plan9 starts working.

(^_^) TAR file of Plan9 source codes (109MB, 2007)

Supplemental explanation (in Japanese)

(^_^) How to use LP49 versions

LP49 internal structure

Old English documents

(^_^) How to use storage devices

(^_^) How to use NW

Additional information (Not updated)