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Events and News (2024)

2024.05.15 Katsumi Inoue gives an invited talk on "Algebraic Connection between Logic Programming and Machine Learning" at FLOPS 2024 (Kumamoto City International Center, Kumamoto).
2024.04.02 Hanami Tour@Chidorigafuchi - Banquet@Hanzomon.
2024.03.28-29 The 4th Meeting of FY2023 NII Collaborative Research: "Research on SAT-Based Solving for Combinatorial Reconfiguration" (Nagaragawa Convention Center, Gifu).
2024.03.18-19 The 2nd FY2023 Meeting of KAKENHI Kiban-A Project: "Robust AI by Integration of Knowledge Representation and Machine Learning" (Nikko Kinugawa-Onsen, Tochigi).
2024.03.07-08 The 4th Meeting of the JST CREST research project: "Machine Learning That Connects to Symbolic Reasoning" (Kyoto University).
2024.02.25 The article "A differentiable first-order rule learner for inductive logic programming", written by Kun Gao, Katsumi Inoue, Yongzhi Cao, Hanpin Wang, has been accepted for Artificial Intelligence Journal.
2024.02.05 Presentation of Master thesis by Masayuki Ohtani (Tokyo Tech).
2024.01.18 The Main Ph.D. Examination for Mitsuhiro Odaka (SOKENDAI & ECN).

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