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[ntcir:202] PATENT round-table meeting at LREC2006


We have a round-table meeting for NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task
during LREC2006 next week.

While we had the first meeting at Tokyo in April, this is a good
opportunity for discussion with researchers from various countries.
Agendas are the same as the meeting at Tokyo.

Time & Date:
  17:00-18:20, May 25, 2006. (same time slot as poster session)
  Zefiro room, Module 9, 2nd floor
  Conference venue of LREC2006
  (Magazzini del Cotone Conference Center, GENOA ITALY)

  Keynote speech about NTCIR (by Noriko Kando) and
  Oral presentation about NTCIR Patent Retrieval Task
  (by Atsushi Fujii) will also be presented on May 25.

  Please see the following URL for details of LREC2006.

(1) Summary of NTCIR-5 Patent Retrieval Task
(2) Proposal of NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task
(3) Discussion

In NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task, "Retrieval Subtask" and
"Classification Subtask" are performed independently. The Retrieval
Subtask is divided into three subtasks depending on the language of
target documents; Japanese, English, Japanese/English
Cross-lingual. In the Classification Subtask, only the F-term
classification targeting Japanese is performed. Each participant
group can participate in one or more subtasks.
We will provide task participants the following data.

* Unexamined Japanese patent applications published in 1993-2002
* USPTO patent data published in 1993-2002
* F-term data for Unexamined Japanese patent applications
* The NTCIR-5 Patent Retrieval Test Collection

Please see the following URL for details of NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task.
Application deadline is May 31, 2006.

We also invite your comments, interest, and questions for the task.

Best regards

NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task organizers

Atsushi Fujii, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies
University of Tsukuba
1-2 Kasuga, Tsukuba, 305-8550, Japan
E-mail: fujii@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL: http://www.slis.tsukuba.ac.jp/~fujii/