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NTCIR-10 Conference
Instructions for Poster and Demo Sessions
For Task Participants

Introduction | Submission due Date | Instruction

* Every active participantneeds to submit a 'Poster and Demo Session Request Form' by May 27. *

In the Poster and Demo sessions, you can choose your presentation style either or
a) combination of a demonstration of your software, slides or movies using a PC, and a poster
or b) a paper poster only.
Either style is welcomed.

EveryNTCIR-10 active task participant is required to make a presentation at Poster and Demo session irrespective of oral presentation. If you are participating more than one task, please prepare one presentation for each task.

Presentation slides and posters used in the Poster and Demo sessions will be made publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings page, if you agree.

Instructions for Poster and Demo Presentations are as follow. Please read them carefully.


Submission due Date
Every active participant needs to submit a Poster and Demo Session Request Form by May 27.

[Please enter here to Poster and Demo Session Request Form]

Contact to:

If a group is going to present more than one poster, the requests should be specified for each poster.
Especially please fill in the form if you need electorical outlets, a table or internet access and plan to use a display or any special equipment.

  1. Poster and Demo Session
  2. Set up & Tear down
  3. Spaces
  4. Demonstration
  5. In Advance Shipment
  6. Others
  7. Please send your poster!
Note: All participants are expected to present posters including those who are selected to present at oral session.
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1. Poster and Demo Session
Poster and Demo Sessions are held in Conference Room #2 or #3 on the 2nd floor. You are requested to assign a presenter to be present next to the poster during the following session time for questions and discussion.

Day2: Lunch Time, June 19 (Wed): CrossLink, RITE
Day3: Lunch Time, June 20 (Thu): INTENT, MedNLP, SpokenDoc
Day4: Lunch Time, June 21 (Fri): 1CLICK, Math, PatentMT

Please see Program Page and Poster List.

If you cannot assign a presenter, please be sure to let us know before the session@by sending an
e-mail to
2. Set up & Tear down
Please bring with you your poster.

You can prepare your posters in the morning (9:00-11:40) of the day of your presentation in Conference Room.

You are supposed to complete clearing up your posters by the following time:

June 19 (Day-2): by 18:00
June 20 (Day-3): by 17:30
June 21 (Day-4): by 13:20

As Conference Room is open throughout the conference, you can clean up your presentation freely.
However at Day-4 please clean up as soon as possible after finished poster session.

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3. Spaces
A board with a poster number will be provided for each poster. The number of your board is task name (e.g. CrossLink) concatenated with participant number (e.g. CrossLink-1).

your poster number will be announced later.

Please print out a poster in the appropriate size for the board in advance and bring it with you.
board: width 90cm x height 190cm

table : you can use a table if you have made a request in advance.
width 150cm x depth 60cm x height 70cm

Posters can be displayed on the board using double-sided sealed soft tabs of the type to be able to tear off or specially made for posters pushpins only. No tape or glue can be used. Pins will be provided.
4. Demonstration
Demonstration with personal computers is welcomed. If you plan to make such a demonstration and/or any kind of special exhibition, please let us know the following by the above mentioned "Poster and Demo Session Request Form".

* Wireless Internet access will be available at the demonstration site.

* Displays are available for participants who plan to do a demonstration by request, we will offer it first-come-first-served basis.
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5. In Advance Shipment
If you need to send your poster and/or other equipment to the workshop site beforehand, please let us know of it and make sure the equipment arrives during
13:00-16:00 on June 17th (Mon) (JST).

The address you send them is

NTCIR Project Office
National Institute of Informatics, Rm 1309
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8430 Japan

email: ntc10-poster
fax: +81-3-4212-2751
6. Others
  1. Any questions or requests that are not included in the above mentioned Request Form shall be sent directly to ntc10-poster.
  2. Poster allocation and wireless LAN access information will be announced later.
  3. Every participating team must submit the Request Form even if you have no special request.
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7. Please send your poster (During or after the Conference)

Presentation slides and posters used in the Poster and Demo sessions@are very informative to know the achievements of the researches done in NTCIR-10. We recommend you to provide us your files.

If you agree to make your presentation materials publicly available together with your paper in the online proceedings page, please make your poster or presentation ppt files into PDF format and rename your files with all the required information:

--NTCIR10-[TASK]-[Family Name and Iinitial of the paper's first author]-['poster' or 'slides']. pdf

For example:
Task - CrossLink, First Author of the Proceedings paper - Noriko Kando

Please rename the files as below:

-file name of the poster:

-file name of the slides:

And please send them to ntc-proc during or after the meeting.

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If you have any questions, please contact: ntc10-poster

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