Online Publications

Electronic Submission for the Online-Proceedings

We plan to provide the Online-proceedings for wider circulation. Please submit your article in two formats, one for full-text search and the other for view.

Submission Due

What You Submit

You are encouraged to submit your article in plain text format or in LaTeX source format. This file is used only for the purpose of searching, and users can not download this file.
You are encouraged to submit your article in the PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format).
Please do ensure that your PDF file can be displayed and printed without problems (e.g. font-related) using Adobe's Acrobat Reader English version 'acroread' with Asian Font Packs. The Web site can help you if you have some problems.
Acrobat Reader 4.0 Asian Font Packs (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean) are freely downloadable from
Of course you can submit PDF files which can be displayed and printed with Acrobat Reader English version without Asian Font Packs. For your information, how to embed non-standard fonts, to display and print without Asian Font Packs, in Windows95/98 environments is given at the tail of this page.
Your PDF file should be checked by displaying and printing without any problems using Acrobat Reader English version with/without Asian Font Packs before you submit it.

How To Submit

Submit your text and PDF files to ntcir's ftp site.
Username and password are needed. Put your files using ftp. Put the files in the directory where you login. Username and password have already been delivered to each participant group through email. Each username begins with 'gid'.

When you put your files, please inform us of the names of your files via e-mail to ntc-proceedings
NOTE, please ensure that the names of your files for IR begin with "IR", and the names of your files for SUMMARIZATION begin with "SUMM" to avoid confusion.


How To Embed Non-standard Fonts into Your PDF File in Windows95/98 Environment

Please use Acrobat version 3.0. and follow the procedure underneath. (Acrobat version 4.0 may not work in this way.)
  1. Turn on the checkbox [always use TrueType Font] in the Printer -> DistrillerAssistant -> Property -> Font dialog box.
  2. Generate a PDF file using printer driver "DistillerAssistant".
  3. Open the above PDF file using Acrobat Exchange.
  4. Generate again a PDF file in the same way as above 2., but turning off the check box "use printer font" in the Acrobat Exchange "Print" dialog box. This file should be embedded with non-standard font.
To produce smaller file, set the "Font Subset" in the Acrobat Distiller's Option -> embed menu less then 99%. This will help the distiller embed minimum characters necessary.


If you still have some problem to create your PDF file, please let us know, then, we will create your PDF file as a image file by scanning your hard copy.

Contact ntc-proceedings