Recommendation for ACM-TALIP Special Issue for NTCIR-4

The ACM-TALIP: ACM Transaction of Asian Language Information Processing will publish a special issue for NTCIR-4.

The best papers in the NTCIR-4 will be recommended to the special issue. The selection of the papers to be recommended and the schedule for the TALIP Special issue is as following.

Please indicate that you want your paper will be included in the recommendation selection process or not when you will submit a paper for the NTCIR-4 Working Notes on March 31, 2004.

(1) In the NTCIR: How to select the recommended papers:

The NTCIR organizes a Recommendation Committee (RC) for TALIP Special issue. It consists of NTCIR task organizers and external reviewers.

The RC will review the papers submitted to the NTCIR Workshop's Working Notes. One submission will be reviewed by at least two RC members independently. The one is a task organizer and another is an external reviewer for any participant papers, and two or more external reviewers for the task organizers papers.

The purpose of the recommendation selection process is to collect stronger papers as much as possible from the NTCIR. Therefore the RC members are expected to provide constructive comments to improve the quality of papers as well.

The RC reports will be collected, and the conflict between the RC members will be resolved, then finalize the decision for recommendation.

The recommendation will be decided and notified to the authors by May 10, 2004.

After receiving the recommendation and comments from the RC, the authors will rewrite and polish the papers as a journal paper, then submit that revised papers to the TALIP special issue.

(2) TALIP Special Issue for NTCIR

Guest Editors:
Hiroshi Nakagawa, Tokyo University
Tatsunori Mori, Yokohama National University
Noriko Kando, National Institute of Informatics

Important Dates (temporary schedule):
June 30, 2004: Submission of Revised Papers for TALIP
Aug. 31, 2004: Notification of Acceptance
Nov. 1, 2004: Final Version Due
March 2005: Special Issue

After submission, the review process will follow the TALIP's standard review criteria and procedures.