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Discpower by Tetsuya Sakai

Discpower is a toolkit for computing the discriminative power of evaluation measures using the randomised Tukey HSD test. The discriminative power may be computed for a given significance level alpha, but more informative is the Achieved Significance Level (ASL) curve, which plots p-values against system pairs. Discpower can output a csv file from which ASL curves can easily be drawn using Microsof Excel etc.

For details, please refer to the README file included in the tar file and the paper(s) listed in the References section.


http://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/Discpower160507.tar.gz (now mac-compatible, 2016-05-07)





l  Metrics, Statistics, Tests, Sakai, T., PROMISE Winter School 2013: Bridging between Information Retrieval and Databases (LNCS 8173), 2014.

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Updated on : 2016-05-07