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NTCIREVAL by Tetsuya Sakai

NTCIREVAL is a toolkit for computing various retrieval effectiveness metrics.
It can be used for NTCIR and TREC ad hoc retrieval evaluation, diversified search and group fairness evaluation, NTCIR-8 Community QA Task evaluation and so on.

NTCIREVAL can compute metrics such as:

-Average Precision



-Expected Reciprocal Rank (ERR)

-Graded Average Precision (GAP)

-Rank-Biased Precision (RBP)

-Expected Blended Ratio (EBR)

-intentwise Rank-Biased Utility (iRBU)

-Normalised Cumulative Utility (NCU)

-Condensed-List versions of the above metrics


-D#-measures and DIN#-measures for diversity evaluation

-Intent-Aware (IA) metrics and P+Q# for diversity evaluation

- Group Fairness and Relevance (GFR)


For details, please refer to the README file included in the tar file.



(Group Fairness and Relevance measures implemented for the FairWeb task)


(A minor update to avoid a warning message at compilation time; a few normalised measuresd added)


(New measures EBR and iRBU implemented; a script for computing measures based on continuous gain values added)


(Fixed a very minor bug that does not affect measure computations)


(Fixed a bug introduced in 161017; added a few evaluation measures)

https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.161017.tar.gz (a minor bug in ntcir_eval irec fixed, 2016-10-17, thanks to Dr Tomohiro Manabe)

https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.160507.tar.gz (now contains a script for creating topic-by-run matrices from nev files, 2016-05-07)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.141207.tar.gz (now Mac-compatible thanks to Dr. Makoto P. Kato, 2014-12-07)

https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.130507.tar.gz (makefile fixed on 2013-05-07)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.120718.tar.gz (bug in the NEVIAPQ2sharpnev script fixed on 2012-07-18)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.120528.tar.gz (bug for computing 1CLICK T-measure fixed on 2012-05-28)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.120508.tar.gz (updated on 2012-05-10)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.110426.tar.gz (updated on 2011-04-26)
https://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/tools/NTCIREVAL.100728.tar.gz (updated on 2010-07-28)


l  Tetsuya Sakai: Metrics, Statistics, Tests, PROMISE Winter School 2013: Bridging between Information Retrieval and Databases (LNCS 8173), 2014.

l  Tetsuya Sakai: How to Run an Evaluation Task: with a Primary Focus on Ad Hoc Information Retrieval, Information Retrieval Evaluation in a Changing World Lessons Learned from 20 Years of CLEF, Springer, 2019.

l  Tetsuya Sakai and Zhaohao Zeng: Retrieval Evaluation Measures that Agree with Users' SERP Preferences: Traditional, Preference-based, and Diversity Measures, ACM TOIS, 39(2), Article No.14, 2020.

l  Tetsuya Sakai, Jin Young Kim, and Inho Kang: A Versatile Framework for Evaluating Ranked Lists in terms of Group Fairness and Relevance, ACM TOIS, to appear, 2023.


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Updated on : 2023-07-12