001 CH EN Time Warner, American Online (AOL), Merger, Impact Find reports about the impact of AOL/Time Warner merger. Time Warner and American Online (AOL) announced a merger on January 10th, 2000. The market value was estimated at $US350 billion making it the biggest merger in the US. Comments on AOL/Time Warner merger's effects on Internet and entertainment media businesses are relevant. Descriptions of the development of the AOL/Time Warner merger are partially relevant. Information about the total amount and the transformation of ownership structure are irrelevant. Time Warner, American Online, AOL, Gerald Levin, merger, M&A, Merger and Acquisition, media, entertainment business 002 CH EN President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, scandal, bribe Find reports about Peru President Fujimori's bribery scandal in the 2000 election and his exile abroad after he was impeached by the Congress of Peru. After President Fujimori won the 2000 election, riots began everywhere in Peru. The US government declared the election result to be invalid. Peru's media aired a tape showing Fujimori's staff trying to bribe the opposition party. Fujimori offered a written resignation to the Congress but they impeached him for moral decadence. Reports on how Fujimori tried to manipulate the election or bribe the opposition party are relevant. Reports on responses and opinions of foreign governments such as US and Japan are partially relevant. Reports on the situation in Peru without mention of the presidential election in 2000 are irrelevant. President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, bribe, freedom of the press, Japan, United States, US, extradite, impeach 003 CH EN Kim Dae Jun, Kim Jong Il, Inter-Korea Summit Find reports on the Inter-Korea Summit between South Korean President Kim Dae Jun and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang. South Korean President Kim Dae Jun and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il held a summit in Pyongyang on June 13th, 2000. On the 14th, they signed a joint declaration on unification and reached an agreement on solving humanitarian issues such as repatriation of political refugees, reunifying separated North and South Korean families and providing funds from South Korea to North Korea to help the economy. Reports on the concrete agreements made at the Inter-Korea summit about solving humanitarian issues, helping the economy of North Korea or speeding up the unification of North and South Korea are relevant. Reports about the opinions of other countries and their politicians are partially relevant. Reports mentioning only the problems between North Korea and South Korea but not the implications and effects of this summit are irrelevant. Kim Dae Jun, Kim Jong Il, Sunshine policy, Summit between North and South Korea, Inter-Korea Summit, Pyongyang 004 CH EN the US Secretary of Defense, William Sebastian Cohen, Beijing Find reports about the US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, visit to Beijing in June, 2000. The US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, visited Beijing in June, 2000. Cohen's mission was to carry out a strategic dialogue with Beijing about his country's development of National Missile Defense (NMD) and Theater Missile Defense (TMD) systems and express concerns about the cross-strait relationship. This visit symbolized the normalization of US-China relations after the accidental May 1999 bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It also reflected the gradual normalization and increased transparency in the US and Chinese military. Reports about the visit of US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, and details on the meetings with Chinese leaders are relevant. Analysis or discussions about the political, military and diplomatic implications of Cohen's visit are partially relevant. Reports only on Cohen's itinerary are irrelevant. Reports on Cohen's opinions about the cross-strait relationship outside of this visit are also irrelevant. the US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, visiting Beijing, Theater Missile Defense (TMD), National Missile Defense (NMD), cross-strait relationship, Taiwan problem, US-China relationship, military transparency, the 1999 bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia 005 CH EN G8 Okinawa Summit Find reports on the G8 Okinawa Summit 2000. The G8 Okinawa Summit was held in Nago City, Okinawa, and China was not invited. The participating countries planned to announce a statement about regional peace issues, and to publish a cooperative declaration that would focus on what the WTO should pay attention to like balance and tolerance toward developing countries. The G8 would also discuss the application and supervision of official development assistance (ODA) to developing countries. Discussions or analyses about the impact of the 2000 G8 Summit on global political and economic situations are relevant. Descriptions of the declarations or discussions about regional peace, WTO, ODA in the 2000 G8 Summit period are also relevant. Reports on other issues related to the 2000 G8 summit are also partially relevant. Reports only on the process of the 2000 G8 Summit or the arrangement of participants' journeys without discussing any content issue are irrelevant. The Group of Eight, G8 Summit, Official development assistance, ODA, Okinawa Summit, Regional peace issues, World Trade Organization, WTO 006 CH EN Kursk, submarine accident, International Rescue Find reports about the sinking and wait for rescue of the Russian nuclear submarine, Kursk. The Russian nuclear submarine, Kursk, exploded and sank during military exercises on August 13th, 2000. There were 118 crewmembers who waited for rescue. The Russian turned to other countries for help after their failed rescue attempt after some days. On the 21st, the Norwegian rescue corps which helped to salvage the ship, confirmed that the entire Kursk submarine crew perished. Discussions on the possible causes of the Kursk accident are relevant. Descriptions of the rescue process by foreign countries other than Russia are also relevant. Reports on the response of the Russian government after the Kursk accident are partially relevant. Discussions and analyses of the political implications which followed the accident are irrelevant. Reports on the salvage of the Kursk are irrelevant. Kursk, Barents Sea, Sinking, Nuclear submarine, International Rescue 007 CH EN Wen Ho Lee Case, classified information, national security Find reports on the Chinese-American scientist, Wen Ho Lee who was suspected of stealing classified information about nuclear weapons from the US's Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Chinese-American scientist, Wen Ho Lee, was accused of stealing classified information about US nuclear weapons. On September 13th, 2000 he plea bargained with federal prosecutors by pleading guilty to one felony count of downloading classified files about nuclear weapons. In exchange, federal prosecutors agreed to drop the remaining 58 counts. The judge then sentenced Lee to 278 days. On the 24th, the Albuquerque federal court, New Mexico agreed to release him on $1 million bail. Reports on the story and investigation of the Wen Ho Lee case are relevant. Discussions about the issues following the Wen Ho Lee Case such as racial discrimination, national security and so on are partially relevant. Descriptions of the support of Wen Ho Lee are irrelevant. Wen Ho Lee, Wen Ho Lee Case, Cox Report, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nuclear warhead, Mishandling nuclear secrets, National security, Racial discrimination, Amnesty International 008 CH EN "ILOVEYOU", computer virus Find reports on the damage to personal computers caused by the Love Bug virus. The Filipino computer student, Onel de Guzman, admitted to writing the "ILOVEYOU" virus which spread via e-mail and has affected millions of computer users. Reports on the effects and damage to personal computers by the "ILOVEYOU" virus are relevant. Reports on tracking the virus's writer are partially relevant. Descriptions on how the virus spread and what damage it caused to mainframes are also partially relevant. Those only mentioning precautions for this virus or others are irrelevant. "ILOVEYOU", computer virus, Onel de Guzman, Love Bug 009 CH EN Earthquakes, International Rescue Find reports on the conditions and results of the help from international rescue of massive earthquakes around the world. There were many devastating earthquakes around the world in 2001, particularly those in India and El Salvador which caused serious conditions.,. International rescue aid organizations provided great assistance to the relief and reconstruction. Reports on damage or losses caused by devastating earthquakes around the world and the assistance of international rescue are relevant. Reports that mention or discuss only the reconstruction after the massive earthquakes are partially relevant. Reports merely mentioning the related sciences of earthquakes such as prediction or the development of rescue equipment are irrelevant. Earthquake, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, ADB 010 CH EN Anthrax, Bacteria War, Terrorist Attack Find reports about global fear caused by the threat of terrorist attacks using anthrax and the subsequent responses. After the September 11th attack, the world feared biological weapons such as anthrax bacteria. A lot of places received mail or packages containing anthrax bacteria. Reports about places that received anthrax mail or packages are relevant. Descriptions on the injury to humans which might be caused by anthrax or the related preventive measures are also relevant. Reports about local governments' epidemic prevention or safety measures are partially relevant. Reports about other terrorist attacks and the spread of other diseases are irrelevant. Anthrax, Anthrax panic, Anthrax bacteria, bacteria war, Terrorist attack, Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, Preventive measures 011 CH EN Ichiro, Rookie of the Year, Major League Find reports on Ichiro's first year in the Major League after his move from a Japanese league . The Japanese professional baseball star, Ichiro had a distinguished record after he transferred to Seattle Mariners MLB. He won many titles and awards such as Ranks 1st in the Batting average Title, and the Rookie of the Year award.. Report on Ichiro's records and awards in MLB are relevant. Descriptions of others' reflections and reactions to the above are partially relevant. Reports only on the Mariners' routine and playoff games are irrelevant. Ichiro Suzuki, Ranks 1st in Batting average, Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, MVP, Gold Glove, the People's Honor Award, Fantasy Comparison, Ranks 1st in Stolen bases, Seattle Mariners, Orix Blue Wave 012 CH EN Jennifer Capriati, tennis Find reports on American female tennis player, Jennifer Capriati, who won some major games after a comeback and was once ranked the world's number one by the WTA. The female tennis player, Jennifer Capriati, was the youngest star but left the tour due to personal problems. She made a comeback in 2001 and won the Australian Open and the French Open. As a result, she took the WTA's top spot in the ranking from Martina Hingis. Reports on Capriati's wins and record in any of four major tournaments; the Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open and US Open, are relevant. Others' opinions or reactions to the above are partially relevant. Reports on Capriati's tennis career including personal reviews or special reports about the comeback are also partially relevant. Those only mentioning the competition details in which Capriati participated are irrelevant. Jennifer Capriati, Australian Open, French Open, Women's Tennis Association, world number one 013 CH EN Taliban, Destroy Buddhism Find reports on the Taliban, Afghanistan's ruling faction, destroying the giant Buddhas in the area. Afghanistan's political and religious ruling faction, the Taliban, destroyed the giant Buddhas in the area in order to comply with Islamic rules and doctrine. Such actions provoked strong criticism from around the world. Reports on the Taliban destroying the Buddhas are relevant. Reports expressing reflections or reactions around the world are partially relevant. Content about the conflicts between the Taliban and Western Countries, or the relationship between the Taliban and the radical Islam groups are irrelevant. Taliban, Afghanistan, destroy Buddhism, Bamiyan Buddha, Omar, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, United Nations Security Council 014 CH EN nanotechnology Find reports on the research and applications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the creation of functional materials, devices, and systems through control of matter on the nanometer (1 to 100+ nm) length scale, which is known as nanostructuring, and the exploitation of novel properties and phenomena developed at that scale. The products that are developed by manipulating matter on the nanometer length scale include nanoscale, nanostructured materials and nano-devices. Reports on the research results or applications of nanotechnology such as enhancing the quality of products by using nanotechnology are relevant. Content about government or industry investment around the world are partially relevant. Explanations about nanotechnology are also partially relevant. nanotechnology, nanometer, The Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI 015 CH EN EP-3 surveillance aircraft, F-8 fighter, aircraft collision Find reports on the midair collision of a US EP-3 surveillance aircraft and a Chinese F-8 fighter near Hainan Island. A U.S. Navy EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft on a routine reconnaissance and surveillance mission near Hainan Island was intercepted and collided with a F-8 fighter jet aircraft of the People's Republic of China. The collision caused damage that resulted in an emergency landing of the EP-3 at the nearest airfield on Hainan Island and a drop into the sea of the F-8 fighter. After the accident, China asked the US to apologize and the US asked China to return the reconnaissance aircraft and the crew. This caused a stalemate in the US-China relationship for a while. Mention of the explanations for the collision of two military aircrafts such as the statements from the crew are relevant. Reports on the reflections or reactions around the world about the accident and the reactions from both sides are partially relevant. Mentions of only the function or the crew of EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft or F-8 fighter are irrelevant. EP-3 surveillance aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, F-8 fighter, collision, military aircraft, Colin Powell, Jiang Zemin, President Bush 016 CH EN History Textbook Controversies, World War II Find reports on the controversial history textbook about the Second World War approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education. The Japanese Ministry of Education approved a controversial high school history textbook that allegedly glosses over Japan's atrocities during World War Two such as the Nanjing Massacre, the use of millions of Asia women as "comfort women" and the history of the annexations and colonization before the war. It was condemned by other Asian nations and Japan was asked to revise this textbook. Reports on the fact that the Japanese Ministry of Education approved the history textbook or its content are relevant. Reports on reflections or reactions to this issue around the world are partially relevant. Content on victims, "comfort women", or Nanjing Massacre or other wars and colonization are irrelevant. Reports on the reflections and reactions of the Japanese government and people are also irrelevant. Ministry of Education, Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, textbook, comfort women, sexual slavery, Nanjing Massacre, annexation, colonization, protest, right-wing group, Lee Den Hui 017 CH EN India and Pakistan territorial conflict, nuclear weapons Find reports related to the arms race and territorial conflicts between India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have yet to come to a compromise on Kashmir . Both developed nuclear weapons and strengthened their conventional arms capabilities. At the end of 2001, the military confrontation in Kashmir put the world in the shadow of an imminent nuclear war. Reports on the territorial conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan are relevant. Reports on their development of nuclear weapons or build-up of conventional arms are also relevant. Reports on the concerns or responses of other countries are partially relevant. Reports on the military exercises of other countries and the relationships between other countries and India or Pakistan are irrelevant. India, Nuclear weapons, Military Exercise, Pakistan, Territorial conflict, Kashmir 018 CH EN Tobacco business, accusation, compensation Find reports related to accusations against Tobacco business and compensation awarded by the courts. The U.S. tobacco giant, Philip Morris, has been ordered to pay compensation of $US 3 billion to a 56-year-old cancer patient. This was the largest compensation awarded to a single person in a tobacco related case. Other countries have had similar cases. - Reports on the content and accusations against the tobacco business and the amount of the judgments against the tobacco business are relevant. Reports on the ill effects of tobacco are partially relevant. Reports on the tobacco business related to stock price performance and the like are irrelevant. Tobacco, Tobacco business, Compensation, Tobacco ill effects 019 KR EN supersonic airliner, Concord, airplane crash Find documents on the cause of the accident and the damage report for the French supersonic airliner Concord, which had 30 years of accident-free flying. The results of the investigation into the cause of the accident of the commercial plane is becoming the center of attention. The plane, providing fast and comfortable travel, flew at an altitude of 60,000 feet, above turbulent air, at Mach 2 in 1969 (1,370 miles/hour). Documents dealing with the cause of the crash and the damage report for the Concord, French supersonic airliner, are relevant. Documents only on either the cause or the damage are partially relevant. Documents describing other plane accidents of past 30 years are irrelevant. Concord, supersonic airliner, supersonic, airliner, Mach 2, turbulence, crash 020 KR EN sex change, frog, fish Find worrisome changes in frogs and fish discovered during a fact-finding survey of endocrine disrupting substances. As a result of investigating the residual endocrine disrupting substances in the ecosystem and environment, a lot of compounds suspected to be endocrine disrupting substances were found in 113 places including lakes, both in the water and on the bottom, air and ground etc. Documents about abnormal phenomena like sex change found in frogs or fish and the effects of compounds suspected to be endocrine disrupting substances on these phenomena are relevant. Documents about the risk, varieties, and allowable levels of endocrine disrupting substances are not relevant. Endocrine disrupting substances, transsexual mutation, dioxin, detection level, risk level 021 KR EN Nobel Peace Prize, Kim Dae-Jung President Kim Dae-Jung became the seventh Asian Nobel Peace Prize winner. Find documents relevant to his achievements that led to his winning the Nobel Peace Prize. President Kim Dae-Jung was selected to receive the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. He was praised highly for contributing to democratization, human rights and south-north reconciliation. He is the seventh Asian winner of the prize and in the history of the prize, the 81st. Documents about the reasons for President Kim Dae-Jung's selection and his rivals are relevant. Documents about the implications of his receiving the prize are partially relevant. Prize money for the Nobel Peace Prize and the awards ceremony are irrelevant. Kim Dae-Jung, President Kim Dae-Jung, the Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize committee 022 KR EN mad cow disease Find documents about different countries' emergency measures to prevent the spread of mad cow disease. Emergency measures have been taken in the animal husbandry industry as mad cow disease-phobia spreads. Various opinions on the source of the disease have been expressed. Documents about the regions where mad cow disease has appeared and each country's emergency measures to prevent the spread of mad cow disease are relevant. Documents about various opinions on the origin and emergency measures of governments and the animal husbandry industry are irrelevant. Mad cow disease, animal fodder, infection, livestock, animal husbandry, emergency measures 023 KR EN space station, Mir, disposal of storage waste Find documents related to the decision to dispose of the space station Mir scheduled to de-orbit on February, 2001. It was announced that the Mir, the first- manned space station will de-orbit on February 26-28, 2001 and crash into the Pacific Ocean, 1500 km away from East Australia. Documents on the reasons for the Mir's disposal and the method are relevant. Documents about its usage after the disposal are irrelevant. Manned space shuttle, the Mir, disposal method, storage 024 KR EN economy class, syndrome, flight Find documents about the damage caused by economy class syndrome in passenger aircraft. 25 passengers died from economy class syndrome in the past 8 years and the number of patients with symptoms is reaching 100~150 with 50~60 serious cases every year according to a report from the Narita Airport clinic in Japan. Documents about the cause or medical treatment of economy class syndrome are relevant. Documents containing simple explanations of economy class syndrome are partially relevant. Simple precautions are irrelevant. Economy class syndrome, economy class, syndrome, vein, blood clot, cardiopulmonary injury 025 KR EN Tiger Woods, sports star Find documents about sports media or related enterprises recognizing Tiger Woods as a sports star. During his four full years on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods (25) was voted athlete of the year for the 3rd time. Sportsmen's changing views of golf was the reason he won their votes. Documents about sports magazines or enterprises recognizing Tiger Woods as a sports star based on his record, skills or contribution to marketing are relevant. Documents about Tiger Woods' daily life or celebrity news outside of golf are irrelevant. Tiger Woods, golf, golf genius, PGA 026 KR EN donation, millionaire, heritage Find documents about millionaires, like Mr. Holingswiss, leaving the world penniless after donating their lifesavings. John. D. Holingswiss, an American millionaire who passed away at the age of 83, donated his property worth $400 million to schools and charities. He lived in a shabby trailer for about 30 years. Documents about property donations from millionaires like John D. Holingswiss mentioning his/her will or motivation for the donation are relevant. Anecdotes related to this millionaire's life are partially relevant. Documents about donations from millionaires worldwide are partially relevant. Documents on donations not about giving back to the community are irrelevant. Heritage, donation, contribution, millionaire 027 KR EN longevity, secret, Antonio Toddy Looking for documents about the secret of longevity like Antonio Toddy in Italy. In Italy, the world's oldest man says that loving one's siblings and drinking red wine daily allow one to live to an old age. Documents about the secret of longevity, introducing the world's oldest or their daily routines are relevant. Documents about their family backgrounds are partially relevant. Documents about plans for an environmental study on a village of longevity are irrelevant. The Guinness Book of Records, the oldest persons, longevity, the secret of longevity 028 KR EN Bubka, human bird, retirement Find documents about the retirement of Sergei Bubka(37, Ukraine), who holds the world record for winning 6 World Championships. In 1983, when he was 19 years old, Bubka won the 1st World Championship gold in pole vault. Afterwards, he won 6 consecutive times until 1997, and the record of 6m 14cm that he held in July of 1994 hasn't been broken yet. Documents about the retirement of Sergei Bubka (Ukraine), who holds the world record and is known as the "human bird" in male pole vault, the reasons for retirement, his retirement speech, plans after retirement are relevant. Documents about Bubka's record or training during his athletic life are partially relevant. Documents about Bubka's routine life are irrelevant. Bubka, pole vault, human bird, world championship, track and field 029 KR EN alternative energy, air pollution, electricity Find documents about exploiting environmentally friendly alternative energy for generating electricity. Electricity companies around the world are putting efforts into exploiting environmentally friendly alternative energy as part of their survival strategy. They are trying to replace thermal and atomic power plants with 100% environmentally friendly plants such as those using geo-thermal, wind, hydroelectric, and solar power. Documents about environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity or introducing alternative energy developed recently in more than one country are relevant. Restrictions on electricity generation to prevent air pollution are partially relevant. Documents about international restrictions and movements for clean air are not relevant. Alternative energy, sulfuricous acid, geo-thermal plant, wind power plant, solar power plant 030 KR EN space tourism, international space station, Dennis Tito Find documents about the first-ever space tourist Dennis Tito who arrived at International Space Station or the future of space tourism. Russian Spacecraft Soyuz-TM32 with the first space tourist Dennis Tito (60) on board arrived at the International Space Station two days after the launch. He is going to stay there for 6 days. Documents about the first space tourist's arrival and stay at the International Space Station with his name, expenses, and itinerary are relevant. Documents about future plans and prospects for space tourism are also relevant. Documents about general tours and space shuttles are irrelevant. Space station, international space station, space tourism, space shuttle 031 KR EN fine dust particles, heart disease Find documents investigating high death rate of patients with heart disease due to fine dust particles that threatens urbanites. An investigation into the effect of air dust particles showed that the death rate increases in direct proportion to the concentration of fine dust particles. Documents about medical investigations on how fine dust particles negatively affect heart-related diseases are relevant. Documents about investigating death rates in relation to the quality of fine dust particles are relevant as well. Documents proposing countermeasures to reduce fine dust particles are partially relevant. Documents about general air pollution or damage due to yellow sand phenomenon are irrelevant. Fine dust particles, congestive heart failure, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide 032 KR EN world population, population prediction Find results about world population change in 21st century. A research center in Austria predicted the world population will increase to 9 billion in 70 years from the current 6.1 billion and decrease back to 8.4 billion as we enter the 22nd century. Documents on future world population changes in terms of total population, population distribution in more than one region or predictions of increases or decreases of population are relevant. Documents stating the reason for the increase or decrease of population are partially relevant. Documents about changes in culture or science and technology are irrelevant. World population, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, population status, population distribution 033 KR EN AIDS, fund, infection rate Find documents on specific funding or ongoing funding to help reduce AIDS infection rates. UN Special Session announced a 21st Century strategy for AIDS prevention and care for those infected. A goal was set to reduce the global juvenile infection rate by 25% by 2010. Various initiatives like fundraising will be established and promoted. Documents containing the name of specific funding or a fundraising agency or an individual name supporting the funds for reducing AIDS infection rates globally are relevant. Documents about just AIDS infection are irrelevant. Documents about protecting human rights of those infected are irrelevant as well. Fund, HIV, AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, infection rate 034 KR EN Bin Laden, USA, military measure Find documents on U.S.A.'s strategy on pursuing Bin Laden, the leader of anti-American terror. U.S.A. is desperate to arrest Osama Bin Laden. Documents describing in detail the U.S.A.'s military and diplomatic measures and activities with the name of the main agency or the source of the information are relevant. Documents without a specific name or about general activities are irrelevant. Documents with terror experts analyses of why Bin Laden had to resort to terror are partially relevant only if the name of the expert is included. Documents on terrorism unrelated to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are irrelevant. Osama Bin Laden, Usama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, terror, Afghanistan, CIA 035 KR EN capital punishment, survey data Find documents containing the results of surveys or votes on capital punishment. While religious and human rights organizations insist on a life sentence rather than capital punishment for reasons such as the change of time, infringement on the right to life, irreversibleness in the case of a misjudgment, the lack of deterrence, some parts of the judicial, administrative and academic community disagree with it and insist that capital punishment is a crucial means of punishment to protect citizens from vicious criminals. Documents about arguments for and against capital punishment with objective numeric results such as survey on pros and cons or poll results are relevant. Documents that do not contain a survey on the pros and cons of the capital punishment or poll results are irrelevant. capital punishment, anti-human rights, permanent isolation, misjudgment, legal opinions 036 KR EN remote operation, robot Find documents about treatments using robots without doctor's direct contact on patients, remote operations using medical system at a distance or other similar medical care. An American doctor succeeded in removing a gall bladder in an operation using surgical robotic arms connected by optical fiber while watching a screen. Documents about examples, progress, trends, prospects of medical technologies such as remote operations or treatments by robots are relevant. Documents about comparing a remote operation with a local operation are relevant. Documents about conventional operations are irrelevant. Remote operation, remote treatment, surgical robot, optical fiber 037 JA EN Mori Cabinet, support percentage, Ehime-maru Find documents describing how the percentage supporting the Mori Cabinet changed in 2001 as a result of Prime Minister Mori's handling of the Ehime-maru accident. In February 2001, the training vessel "Ehime-maru" of Ehime Prefecture and a US Navy nuclear-powered submarine collided, and the Ehime-maru sank off the coast of Hawaii. It is said that Prime Minister Mori's inappropriate comments and the way he reacted when the accident occurred, the poor measures he took thereafter, and the subsequent disclosure of his lack of risk management capacity triggered the resignation of the Cabinet. Relevant documents include those that describe how Prime Minister Mori's handling of the Ehime-maru accident influenced the percentage supporting the Cabinet. Documents that describe fluctuations in the support percentage before and after the accident are also relevant. Documents that describe the Mori Cabinet's handling of the accident, but do not refer to support percentages, are relevant, provided they include aspects that strongly suggest influences on the support percentage. Anonymous contributions and other similar documents containing personal arguments are partially relevant if facts included in them are correct. Prime Minister Mori, Mori Cabinet, Ehime-maru, risk management, risk management capacity, support percentage, Cabinet support percentage 038 JA EN Kosovo conflict, NATO, UN Find documents describing NATO bombing in the Kosovo conflict and actions taken by the United Nations. In 1990, oppression of the independence movement by the Serbian government army, which started in the self-governing province of Kosovo in the Republic of Serbia, expanded into the ethnic cleansing of Albanian citizens. Western countries, under the leadership of NATO, strongly criticized the Milosevic Administration, and NATO eventually began bombing the Kosovo district and the capital city of Belgrade in 1999. After the cessation of bombing, the United Nations approved the presence of the International Security Assistance Force, and the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo started. Documents that describe actions taken by the United Nations after NATO forces began bombing are relevant. Information on the United Nations after the bombing is relevant if it is clearly related to the Kosovo conflict. Documents that describe only the bombing and the damage caused by the bombing are irrelevant. Kosovo conflict, United Nations, Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, UN, Secretary General Anan, NATO Forces, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Forces 039 JA EN Windows, Linux, competition Find documents describing the competitive relationship between Microsoft Windows and Linux with respect to operating systems for personal computers. As an operating system (OS) for personal computers, Microsoft Windows has established a monopolistic position with a share of over 90%. On the other hand, Linux is an operating system derived from UNIX. Given that anyone can participate in its development and it is distributed free of charge through networks, it is rapidly expanding its share in the business computer market, and becoming popular as an operating system for personal computers. Documents that compare the characteristics of Windows and Linux, or those that refer to their competitive relationship are relevant. Also relevant are documents that describe not the software itself but differences in their method of development and their future prospects. Documents that describe business computers but not personal computers are partially relevant if they compare the two operating systems and refer to their competitive relationship. Documents that describe only one of the two operating systems are irrelevant. Windows, Linux, operating system, OS, personal computer, PC 040 JA EN Harry Potter, circulation Find documents describing worldwide circulation of the super best seller, Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series, a fantasy story written by J. K. Rowling of the United Kingdom, became a super best seller in Western countries every time a new book was released. Not only did it attract children but also adult readers seeking mental healing, and it was such a best seller in Japan that it led to a Harry Potter boom. Documents that describe the circulation of the Harry Potter series throughout the world or in individual countries are relevant. Documents that describe the circulation of each book of the series are also relevant. Documents that explain the story and those that describe the boom are irrelevant if they do not include circulation data. J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter, best seller, children's literature, fantas, circulation 041 JA EN Snow Brand, dairy products, food poisoning Find documents describing the background to the case of large-scale food poisoning caused by Snow Brand dairy products. Dairy products from Snow Brand's Osaka Factory resulted in food poisoning in nearly 15,000 victims, and the major cause is said to have been staphylococcus aureus toxins contained in skim milk used as an ingredient. This case highlighted various problems inherent to an era of mass food production, such as prioritization of profits over hygiene control, lack of safety consciousness among employees, and inadequate administrative inspections. Documents that describe background factors to the Snow Brand food poisoning case are relevant. Documents that only describe the extent of food poisoning and those that only report on medical care and administrative measures are irrelevant. Snow Brand, food poisoning, HACCP, background, hygiene control, on-the-spot inspection 042 JA EN Greenspan, monetary policy Find documents describing the kind of monetary policy pursued by Greenspan of the Board of Governors of the Federal Research System, who contributed to economic recovery. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Research System, contributed to economic recovery in the United States with a new type monetary policy that values spontaneous market reactions over inadequate intervention. Documents that describe information about monetary policies pursued by Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Research System are relevant. Documents that describe the temporary downturn in the economy due to his policy are relevant if they refer to the policy. Documents that merely report economic trends and those that describe his other careers are irrelevant. Board of Governors of the Federal Research System, FRB, chairman, Alan Greenspan, monetary policy, economist, policy, market, monetary 043 JA EN START2, Russia, ratification Find documents describing the background to Russia's ratification of START2. The United State of America and the Russian Federation signed the START 2 Treaty (the Second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) in 1993. The United States ratified it in 1996, but Russia left it without ratifying it. However, Russia changed its attitude in May 2000, and ratified the treaty. Find our about the background to this change. Documents that describe the background, reasons or circumstances behind Russia's ratification of the START 2 Treaty are relevant. Documents that simply describe the START 2 Treaty and actions on the US side only are irrelevant. START 2 is part of a strategic arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russia, and it is an expansion of START, which was signed in 1991 and became effective in 1994. START 2 aims to reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads to between 3,000 and 3,500; it was signed by the United States and Russia in 1993. START 2, Russia, ratification, background, Second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, President Putin 044 JA EN abnormal weather, disaster, cause Find documents describing disasters thought to be caused by abnormal weather. Abnormal weather on a global scale is becoming an urgent issue. Find out about disasters that have occurred in various areas of the world, including Japan, that are thought to have been caused by abnormal weather. Relevant documents are those that report disasters that occurred in specific areas and are actually related, or suspected of being related, to abnormal weather. Documents that forecast abnormal weather and accompanying disasters are partially relevant. Documents that simply report weather disasters and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are irrelevant. abnormal weather, disaster, weather disaster 045 JA EN population issue, hunger Find documents describing the effects population issues have on hunger. While aging due to declining populations and over-nutrition comprise issues in advanced countries, there are areas where explosive population increases and accompanying hunger are problems. Find out the extent to which hunger accompanying population increases is reported. Documents that report population increase as a cause or background factor to hunger are relevant. Documents only on the relationship between food production and hunger are considered partially relevant, since they are related to the population problem. Other problems concerning hunger and population are irrelevant. population, hunger, food problem, food crisis, population explosion, population issue 046 JA EN East Timor, independence, National Council of Timorese Resistance Regarding the independence of East Timor, find documents describing problems facing the National Council of Timorese Resistance after the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor started. During pro-independence unrest in East Timor, pro-independence forces won an overwhelming victory in a local referendum held under the supervision of the United Nations in August 1999. However, armed clashes between pro-independence forces and pro-integration forces continued, and the United Nations deployed a multinational force to get the situation under control. In October 1999, the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia decided to repeal the annexation, and the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) was formed to undertake administrative and humanitarian support and public services until independence in 2001. However, a number of problems have emerged within the National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT), which will form the nucleus of the government after independence. Relevant documents include those that describe the activities of the United Nations Transitional Administration for the independence of East Timor, moves or activities of the National Council of Timorese Resistance, or relationships between the two. Other documents on Timor are irrelevant. East Timor, United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor, UNTAET, National Council of Timorese Resistance, CNRT, UN, United Nations, UNSC, United Nations Security Council 047 JA EN Korean general election, 2000, Han Nara Party Find documents describing the Han Nara Party's results in the general election held in 2000. A general election was held in Korea in April 2000. In 1997, the New Korea Party and the Democratic Party merged to form the Han Nara Party. The party holds about one half of the seats in the National Assembly. Documents that describe the number of seats or the rank, which the Han Nara Party won in the election for the Korean National Assembly (general election), are relevant. Documents that only describe the Han Nara Party's activities or public commitments are irrelevant. Documents describing the election schedule and the election itself are irrelevant if they do not refer to the results of the Han Nara Party. Korea, Han Nara Party, general election, results, National Assembly, political party 048 JA EN genetically engineered food, regulation Find documents describing the kinds of regulations imposed on genetically engineered foods throughout the world to secure food safety. Genetic engineering technology is used to increase yields of farm products and create new farm products that suit public taste, and technologies to process them into foods are used on a practical basis. However, there are differences of opinion even among specialists regarding the safety of these farm products and processed foods. Find out what kinds of regulations Japan and other countries impose on genetically engineered foods to secure food safety. Documents that describe the implementation or planning of regulations on genetically engineered foods to secure food safety are relevant. Documents that investigate whether genetically engineered foods are safe, those that point out possible dangers, or those that describe the necessity for regulations are partially relevant. Documents that list genetically engineered foods and describe genetic engineering technology in general are irrelevant. Genetic engineering is a technology whereby DNA from one organism is manipulated artificially and introduced into the genetic information of another organism. Farm products that have been improved or developed using genetic engineering technology are called genetically engineered products, and foods made from these products are called genetically engineered foods. genetically engineered food, safety, regulation, genetic engineering, make mandatory, world, food 049 JA EN wild animal, crops, damage Find documents describing damage to crops by wild animals in various parts of the world. As urbanization advances, wild animals and human beings are breaking into each other's territory; wild animals venture into residential areas and do damage to farm products. Documents that describe damage to crops by wild animals are relevant. Documents that do not mention the names of crops are also relevant provided they describe the extent of damage. Documents that focus on the protection of wild animals or symbiosis with them are relevant if they describe actual damage as background information. Documents that only refer to damage caused by wild animals in a general sense without individual cases are partially relevant. Documents that describe the influences foreign organisms imported from overseas have on ecosystems are irrelevant. animal, crops, damage, farm products, wild animal, damage due to eating 050 JA EN human genome, decoding, medical and pharmaceutical business Find documents describing how the medical and pharmaceutical business will change as the human genome decoding project progresses. Human genome decoding is highly likely to exert revolutionary influences on genetic treatment and other areas of the medical/pharmaceutical industry. While decoding is conducted in joint research on a worldwide scale, private companies are also engaged in decoding research on their own. These companies are looking ahead to commercialization after decoding, and moving to file for patents for decoded genetic information. Documents that describe how the results of human genome decoding will be used in the medical and pharmaceutical business are relevant. Not only documents that describe current achievements but also those that refer to future prospects are relevant. Documents that refer to information on aspects related to commercialization, such as patent protection for genetic information, are also relevant. Documents that only refer to the actual situation in terms of human genome decoding competitions are irrelevant. human genome, decoding, genetic treatment, medical care, pharmaceutical, business