These are the PDF versions of the papers that will be included in Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory XVI, to be published by CLC Publications. The copyright for each paper resides with the author.

Christopher Tancredi, Makoto Kanazawa, Ikumi Imani, and Kiyomi Kusumoto: Foreword

Ilaria Frana: The de re Analysis of Concealed Questions

Philippe de Groote: Towards a Montagovian account of dynamics

Irene Heim: Little

James Higginbotham: The Anaphoric Theory of Tense

Michela Ippolito: Remarks on only

Ezra Keshet: Scalar Implicatures with Alternative Semantics

Giorgio Magri: The Blindness Hypothesis and Individual Level Predicates

Sophia A. Malamud: (Non)maximality and Distributivity: a Decision Theory Approach

Kimiko Nakanishi: Even, only, and Negative Polarity in Japanese

Toshiyuki Ogihara: Attitudes without Monsters: A Japanese Perspective

David Y. Oshima: Motion deixis, Indexicality, and Presupposition

Jessica Rett: How many maximizes in the Balkan Sprachbund

Maribel Romero: On Concealed Questions

Daniel Rothschild: Non-Monotonic NPI-Licensing, Definite Descriptions, and Grammaticalized Implicatures

Magdalena Schwager: Conditionalized Imperatives

Florian Schwarz: On needing Propositions and looking for Properties

Takuro Tanaka: Lexical Decomposition and Comparative Structures for Japanese Determiners

Michael Wagner: Givenness and Locality

Tom Werner: An Analysis of Existential Anankastics: How to Get There from Here

Yoad Winter: Closure and Telicity across Categories