Scope of the Research

Knowlege media studies

Semantic analysis of academic papers to construct an advanced knowledge access platform.

Retrieval and Understanding Mathematical Knowledge

Mathematical formula seach. Natural language based approach for the semantic analysis of mathematical formula in scientific papers and textbooks.


Analyzing gaze movement when reading text. Models of reading and their application to reading support and layout optimization.

Record Linkage and Text Entities Identification

Identification of textual information units that refers to the real-world entities.

Information Theoretic Perspectives of Textual Data

Qualitative representation of 'features' based on the co-occurrence statistics; information theoretic approaches to information retrieval and term extraction problems.

Automatic Generation of Multilingual Thesaurus

Automatic generation of linguistic resources useful for information systems; Graph-based clustering methods. Scalable methods for categorizing and clustering large amount of text-based data.

Theories of Genetic Algorithms

Adaptive strategies for solution space sampling; dependency analysis for extracting useful sub-structures; Co-evolutionary computation.