Introduction of researcher (updated June 14 2017)

Name Andres Frederic
Doctoral degrees 
1993.9 Ph.D. (Paris 6)
2000.1 Dr Habilitation (University of Nantes)
Affiliation / Position 
Associate Professor,

National Institute of Informatics
Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-8430, Japan
Room  1407
Telephone  +81-3-4212-2542
Facsimile  +81-3-3556-1916
Secretary  Shiho Iwasawa           E-mail: shiho at
E-mail  andres at     
 Student Supervision
 PhD  Student
Publication:  Researchgate


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Research fields: 
Human Stress Monitoring, Mulsemedia system, Collective Intelligence, Semantic management, Agriculture, Early Warning, Cooking recipe, AR, e-learning and pedagogy
                Research Outline:  The research focuses on semantic and collective intelligence-based information management  (e.g. geomedia, MindFlow, CBM4a, Cooking Recipe Without Recipe). It is a vertical research on advanced model-driven architecture platform including specific researches on large mulsemedia clusters, semantic engine, advanced cooperative portal, ontological Topic Maps-based metadata management, and  domain-oriented ontology- based Mindflow management. Part of this research, the Image- learning Ontology engine is emerging as a key technology for new semantic search.

Research Topics

(1) Semantic management

       Geomedia project
       VLHDS project
       Phasme DBMS project

(2) Collective Intelligence management  and Big Data

(3) Stress Monitoring and Understanding

(4) Early Warning management

(5) Pedagogical and Didactical  Enhancement

Standardisation Activities