NII Workshop on Focus

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National Institute of Informatics
November 10-11, 2005

This is an informal workshop on semantic, pragmatic, and phonological aspects of focus in natural language. The workshop is open to all interested people.

The workshop is an initiative of the NII joint research project "Focus in Natural Language" led by Chris Tancredi.

Date and Place

Date:November 10-11, 2005
Place:Large Conference Room (2208), 22nd floor, National Institute of Informatics (National Center of Sciences Building). (Map and access information.)

When you enter the National Center of Sciences, tell the guard that you are attending the workshop on the 22nd floor.


Thursday, November 10
10:00Toshiyuki Ogihara, Counterfactual Conditionals and Foci Crosslinguistically
11:15Shinichiro Ishihara, On Embedded Foci
14:00Kayono Shiobara, Prominence at the Interfaces and Its Effects on Linearization
15:15Mariko Sugahara, Focus and Intonation: An Interaction among Contrastive Focus and Other Grammatical Factors
16:45Chris Tancredi, Association with Focus and Discourse Licensing
Friday, November 11
10:00David Beaver, The Semantics and Pragmatics of Focus Sensitivity
11:15Kimiko Nakanishi, Focus, Numerals, and Negative Polarity Items in Japanese
14:00Daniel Büring, Towards a Typology of Focus

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