Lambda Calculus and Formal Grammar: PDF files of the presentations

I organized an informal workshop at the National Institute of Informatics on February 18, 2005. The following are PDF files of the presentations:

Reinhard Muskens. Separating Syntax and Combinatorics in Categorial Grammar.

Philippe de Groote. Introduction to Abstract Categorial Grammars.

Sylvain Salvati. Parsing Abstract Categorial Grammars: Complexity and Algorithms.

Ryo Yoshinaka. The Complexity and Generative Capacity of Lexicalized Abstract Categorial Grammars.

Makoto Kanazawa. Abstract Families of Abstract Categorial Languages.

Philippe de Groote. Montague Semantics and Discourse Representation Theory.

Reinhard Muskens. Lambda Grammars and Hyperintensionality.

Sylvain Salvati Philippe de Groote Reinhard Muskens

Makoto Kanazawa
kanazawa at nii

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