May 18, 2007: Richard Zuber, Looking for origins of intensionality

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4:30pm, May 18, 2007
Lecture Room 2 (1213), 12th floor, National Institute of Informatics, (National Center of Sciences Bldg.).
Richard Zuber, CNRS
Looking for origins of intensionality
Two interrelated problems will be discussed. First I will show that in many cases the change in truth-values resulting from co-extensional substitution in intensional contexts is due either to the violation of some presuppositions or to the violation of some "natural" generic truths. Secondly, an algebraic description of such changes in truth-value will be given.

A short paper on which this talk is based is available.

Dr. Richard Zuber is currently a JSPS short-term visitor to Waseda University. See the Japanese page for details.

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