April 18, 2008: Richard Zuber, Some semantic constraints on binary determiners

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4:30pm, April 18, 2008
National Institute of Informatics, (National Center of Sciences Bldg.),
19th floor, Presentation Room (1904)
Richard Zuber, CNRS
Some semantic constraints on binary determiners

Various examples of binary determiners (determiners like more ... than ... found in "More students than teachers" or the determiner found in: "The same students came early as left late") will be considered in order to show that they obey, in opposition to unary determiners, a stronger constraint than conservativity (but which imples conservativity). This constraint is the symmetry ("More students than teachers are shogi players" is equivalent to "More shogi players are students than teachers"). They are also usually cardinality dependent.

Paper available.

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