Semantics Research Group Meeting, November 12, 2010

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4:30pm, November 12, 2010
National Institute of Informatics (National Center of Sciences Bldg.),
19th floor, Presentation Room (1904)
Richard Zuber, CNRS
On the semantics and expressive power of superlatives

I will show that superlative constructions essentially, in particular those giving rise to relative readings of superlatives (Szabolcsi, A. (1986) Comparative supelatives, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, pp. 245-266), extend the expressive power of NLs since one of the readings of ambiguous superlatives, whether numeric or non-numeric, is interpreted by functions from relations to sets which are not just case extensions of type <1> quantifiers used to interpret "ordinary" noun phrases. In that sense superlatives with relative readings are not NPs.

An unpublished paper on which the talk is based is available.

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