Semantics Research Group Meeting, February 20, 2013

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5:00pm, February 20, 2013
National Institute of Informatics (National Center of Sciences Bldg.),
20th floor, Seminar Room 1 (2006)
Byeong-uk Yi (University of Toronto)
Semantic relationism and relational propositions
In Semantic Relationism, Kit Fine proposes semantic relationism, the view that semantic relationship among linguistic expressions is not reducible to their intrinsic semantic features, and combines this view with referentialism, the view that intrinsic semantic features of linguistic expressions are exhausted by their referents. In this talk, I will point out some difficulties with his account, and explore a way to overcome them by taking a radical version of semantic relationism. (The early part of the talk will draw on “Semantic relationism and propositional attitudes”, which discusses some apparent difficulties of Fine’s account.)

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