Semantics Research Group Special Event, June 21–22, 2014

[Japanese | English]


University of the Ryukyus
Researcher Exchange Facility 50th Anniversary Memorial Hall
Multi-purpose exchange lounge (2nd floor)

Saturday, June 21

Eric McCready, Evidence and Experience
Kiyomi Kusumoto, Geis-ambiguity and tense in adjunct clauses

Sunday, June 22

Christopher Davis, TBA
Christopher Tancredi, Question-Answer Congruence
In this talk I argue that a single focus-background structure is insufficient to account for the possibility of simultaneously answering a question and contrasting with a statement preceding the question in context. I propose a revised account that incorporates Krifka's <Background,Focus> structure but adds to it a <Given,Topic> structure. The former structure is argued to be relevant to question-answer congruence and the latter to discourse contrast.

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