Semantics Research Group Meeting, August 4, 2017

[Japanese | English]

4:30pm, August 4, 2017
Keio University, Mita Campus,
South Annex, 7th floor
Takanobu Nakamura (Sophia University)
Quantificational/Predicative Numeral Quantifiers in Japanese
Numeral Quantifiers in Japanese can appear both pre-nominally and post-nominally. I show that a pre-nominal NQ modifies its host nominal as a predicate modifier and a post-nominal NQ takes individuals denoted by its host nominal as its domain of quantification. In this sense, pre-nominal NQs are predicative and post-nominal NQs are quantificational. The core data are provided when a pre-nominal NQ and a post-nominal NQ co-occur with one host nominal. Based on the non-uniform account for pre-nominal NQs and post-nominal NQs (Huang and Ochi 2014), I suggest that a classifier forms a constituent with a numeral in cases of pre-nominal NQs, whereas not in cases of post-nominal NQs. The constituent of a numeral and a classifier denotes a type ⟨et⟩ predicate and it is combined with its host nominal via Predicate Modification in cases of pre-nominal NQs. On the other hand, the constituent of a classifier and a host nominal denotes a type ⟨n, ⟨et⟩⟩ predicate in which the property denoted by a host nominal is attributed to each atom specified by a classifier. This predicate is combined with a numeral and derive type ⟨et⟩ predicate in the end.

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