July 10, 1999

3:00pm, July 10, 1999
Room L-620, 6th floor, Central Library, Sophia University.
Shogo Suzuki (University of Tokyo)
Anaphora across Inaccessible Domains
In this presentation, I will review some papers relevant to the issue.
In Chierchia's 1995 monograph, "Dynamics of Meaning", he regards
anaphora across inaccessible domains as evidence to motivate the use
of E-type pronouns in his theory. The sentences below are examples he
actually uses in the monograph:

a.    Every man excepet John gave his paycheck(i) to his wife. John gave
      it(i) to his mistress.
b.    Morrill Hall doesn't have a bathroom(i) or it(i) is in a funny place.
c.    It is not true that John doesn't have a car(i). It(i) is parked
d.    John doesn't have a car(i) anymore. He sold it(i) last month.

I'm planning to argue that three out of the four above, namely those that
are coindexed with an indefinite within the scope of negation, are not
E-type pronouns. Instead, I will show that they can be interpreted as
variables finally bound by a dynamic existential quantifier offered by the
interpretation of the indefinite.

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