October 24, 2003

4:30pm, October 24, 2003
Conference room, 3rd floor, Building 10, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo Komaba campus
Makoto Kanazawa (University of Tokyo)
On Lambda Grammars

I will discuss Muskens 2003, in which he advocates a grammatical framework he calls 'Lambda Grammar'. Lambda Grammar is like various types of Categorial Grammar in that a syntactic derivation determines a semantic recipe for the sentence in a way independent of individual grammars, but is different in that both forms and meanings in lexical entries are represented by lambda terms. I will try to motivate the study of such a grammatical framework in my own terms and point out alternatives to some of Muskens' proposals.

Muskens' paper is available at http://let.kub.nl/general/people/rmuskens/.

Reinhard Muskens. Lambdas, Language, and Logic. In Geert-Jan Kruijff and Richard Oehrle, editors, Resource Sensitivity in Binding and Anaphora, Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy. Kluwer, 2003. To Appear.

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