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Information and Society Research Division
National Institute of Informatics (NII)
Office address: Rm.1507, 2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-4212-2529 Fax: +81-3-3556-1916
Email: Noriko.Kando

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Research Interest

o Projects

oEvaluation of Information Access Technologies
oLanguage Understanding and Information Access Technologies -- Text Structure, Document Genre, Information Types, Subjectivity, Metadata Extraction
oExploratory Search
oCommunity Oriented Information Access System -- Cultural Heritage, User Interface
oCross-lingual Information Access
oNTCIR: Evaluation of Information Access Technology
CRES: Cognitive Research on Exploratory Search
Artificial Brain
World News:
Access and analysis of multilingual news, video archives, blogs, and twitters
CQA: Access and analysis of community QA
Annotation Science

Past Projects
MEW: Multi-Faceted Exploratory on the Web (Info-plosion)
CEAX: Education with Cultural Heritage Digital Archives (Japanese only ) (CC-Society)
Multi-document Viewpoint Summarization
Community-oriented Information Access Thesaurus
oAcademic Institutional Repositories
oInformation Utilization System for Heterogeneous Contents (Informatics Studies for the Foundation of IT Evolution, Japanese only)

o Recent Publications

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oNoriko Kando, Teruhito Kanazawa, Akira Miyazawa: Retrieval of Web Resources Using a Fusion of Ontology-Based and Content-Based Retrieval with the RS Vector Space Model on a Portal for Japanese Universities and Academic Institutes. In Proceedings of the 39th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 39), 2006
oMakoto Iwayama, Atsushi Fujii, Noriko Kando, Yozo Marukawa: Evaluating patent retrieval in the third NTCIR workshop. Information Processing and Management, 42(1): 207-221 (2006)
oVictoria. L. Rubin, Elizabath. D. Liddy, and Noriko. Kando, "Chapter 7: Certainty Identification in Texts: Categorization Model and Manual Tagging Results," In J.Shanahan, Y. Qu, J. Wiebe (eds), Computing Attitude and Affect in Text: Theories and Applications, Springer, 2005, pp.61-74.
oSeki, Y., Eguchi, K., Kando, N. "Chapter 24: Multi-Document Viewpoint Summarization Focused on Facts, Opinion and Knowledge," In J.Shanahan, Y. Qu, J. Wiebe (eds), Computing Attitude and Affect in Text: Theories and Applications, Springer, 2005, pp317-336
oNina Kummer, Christa Womser-Hacker, Noriko Kando: Handling Orthographic Varieties in Japanese IR: Fusion of Word-, N-Gram-, and Yomi-Based Indices Across Different Document Collections. In Proceedings of the 2nd Asian Information
Retrieval Symposium, 2005, pp. 666-672
oTsuneaki Kato, Jun'ichi Fukumoto, Fumito Masui, and Noriko Kando.Are Open-domain Question Answering Technologies Useful for Information Access Dialogues? : An Empirical Study and a Proposal of a Novel Challenge, ACM Transactions of Asian Language Information Processing,Vol. 4 , No. 3 (September 2005) pp. 243 - 262
oTomoko Kajiyama, Noriko Kando, Shin'ichi Satoh: Examination and enhancement of a ring-structured graphical search interface based on usability testing. SIGIR 2005: 623-624
oFredric C. Gey, Noriko Kando, Carol Peters: Cross-Language Information Retrieval: the way ahead. Inf. Process. Manage. 41(3): 415-431 (2005)
oYohei Seki, Koji Eguchi, Noriko Kando. Multi-document Viewpoint sumarization Based on Users' Information Needs and Its Evaluation, IPSJ Transactions on Databases, Vol.46, No.SIG 8 (TOD26) (2005), pp.106-119
oSeki, Y., Eguchi, K., Kando, N. "Compact Summarization for Mobile Phones", In Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Access, Springer-Verlag, Jan 2004, pp. 172-186 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol.2954)
oEguchi, K., Oyama, K., Ishida, E., Kando, N., Kuriyama, K. "Evaluation methods for web retrieval tasks considering hyperlink structure'', IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E86-D, No.9, pp.1804-1813, Sep. 2003.
oKando, N. "Evaluation of information access technologies at NTCIR Workshop", In Results of the CLEF 2003 Cross-Language System Evaluation Campaign. Working Notes for the CLEF 2003 Workshop, August 2003, Tronheim, Norway, pp. 445-454 (revised version will be appeared in the Springer Verlag's Lecture Note in Computer Science) (Invited)
oIwayama, M., Fujii, A., Kando, N., Marukawa, Y. "An empirical study on retrieval models for different document genres: Patents and newspaper articles", In Proceedings of the 26th Annual International ACM-SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2003), July 28-Aug. 1, 2003, Tronto, Canada, pp. 251-258
oKando, N. "Cross-culture and cross-genre information retrieval: Challenges in CLIR Evaluation at the third NTCIR Workshop", In Results of the CLEF 2002 Cross-Language System Evaluation Campaign. Working Notes for the CLEF 2002 Workshop, Rome, Italy, Sept. 19-20, 2002, pp. 385-394 (Invited)
oSeki, Y., Kando, N. "Dynamic document generation based on tf/idf weighting", In Proceedings of 25th ACM-SIGIR Workshop on Mobile Personal Information Retrieval, Tampere, Finland, Aug.15, 2002, pp.57-63
oEguchi, K., Oyama, K., Ishida, E., Kuriyama, K., Kando, N. "The web retrieval task and its evaluation in the third NTCIR Workshop", [poster] In Proceedings of the 25th Annual International ACM-SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2002), Aug. 11-15, 2002, Tampere, Finland, pp. 375-376.
oKuriyama, K., Yoshioka, M., Kando, N. "Construction of a Large Scale Test Collection NTCIR-2: The Effect of Additional Internactive Search and Cross-Lingual Pooling", IPSJ Transactions on Databases, Vol.43, No. SIG2 (TOD13), pp.48-59, March 2002.(in Japanese)
oEguchi, K., Kuriyama, K., Kando, N. "Evaluation of Text Retrieval Systems Considering Topic Difficulty", IPSJ Transactions on Databases, Vol.43, No. SIG2 (TOD13), pp.60-68, March 2000. (in Japanese)
oNanba, H., Kando, N., Okumura, M. "Classification of Research Papers Using Citation Links and Citation Types", IPSJ Journal, Vol.42, No.11, pp.2640-2649, 2001 (in Japanese)
o Kuriyama, K., Kando, N. "Pooling for a large-scale test collection : An analysis of the search results from the first NTCIR Workshop." Information Retrieval, Vol.5, No.1, pp.41-59, January 2002.
oKando, N. "Overview of the Second NTCIR Workshop". In Proceedings of the Second NTCIR Workshop on Research in Chinese & Japanese Text Retrieval and Text Summarization, Tokyo, Japan, May 2000-March 2001, pp. 35-43, 2001
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o Kando, N. "Text structure analysis as a tool to make retrieved document usable" In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov.11-12, 1999, p.126-135 [PDF file]
o Kando, N., Kuriyama, K., Nozue, T. "NACSIS test collection workshop (NTCIR-1)" [poster]. In Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, pp.299-300, Berkeley, CA, USA, Aug. 1999. [PostScript file]
o "Cross-lingual information retrieval using automatically generated multilingual keyword clusters". the 3rd International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages, Oct. 15--16, 1998, Singapore, Singapore, p.86-94. (with Akiko Aizawa) [ps, 979 KB]
o "Phrase Processing Methods for Japanese Text Retrieval" ACM-SGIR '98 Workshop "IR: Theory into Practice", Melbourne, Australia, August 28, 1998, p.13-19. [ps compressed, 110 KB]
o An Approach for Textual Information Retrieval, Browsing, and Extraction using Discourse-Level Structure (ACM-SIGIR '97 Poster ) Philadelphia, USA, July, 1997
o Text-level Structure of Research Papers : Implications for Text-Based Information Processing Systems (British Computer Society IR SG) Annual Colloquium. Aberdeen, Scotland, April, 1997, p.68-81. [ps, 684 KB]

o Invited Talks & Panel

oKando, N. "Evaluation of QA and Summarization in the Cross-Lingual Information Access Perspective". ACL 2003 Workshop on Workshop on Multilingual Summarization and Question Answering -- Machine Learning and Beyond, July 11, 2003, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, (Invited)
oKando, N. "Relevance Re-Examined: In the Context of Information Retrieval System Testing", International Symposium on the Logic of Real-World Interaction (LoRWI 2002), Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 30-31, 2002
o.Kando, N. "English-Japanese cross-lingual information retrieval of scientific and technical information". Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science. Panel on Conquering the Babel: Cross-language Information Retrieval on the Web, Chicago, IL, U.S.A, Nov. 13-16, 2000, p.2-3.
oKando, N.; Adachi, J. "NTCIR Workshop; Evaluation of Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval and Its Challenges (invited)". In Proceedings of 2000 Kyoto International Conference on Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 13-16, 2000. IEEE Computer Society Press
oKando, N. "NTCIR Workshop: Japanese-and Chinese-English Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval and Multi-grade Relevance Judgments (invited)";. In Proceedings of the first workshop of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum, (Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Science), Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 17-22, 2000
oKando, N. "The NTCIR Workshop: an evaluation of Asian language information retrieval" Presented at RIAO '2000, Panel on "IR Evaluation World Wide" Paris, France, Apr.12-14, 2000
o Kando, N. "NTCIR Workshop" an evaluation of cross-lingual information retrieval" In Proceedings of the 33rd Hawaii International Conference of System Sciences, Forum on the Future of the Multilingual Digital Document Management, Maui, HI., USA, DDMLM02, Jan. 3-7, 2000 [PDF file]
o Kando, N., et al. "The NTCIR Workshop : the first evaluation workshop on Japanese text retrieval and cross-lingual information retrieval (invited)". In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages., Taipei, Taiwan, p.INV-1 -- INV-7, Nov. 1999. [PDF file]
o Kando, N. "Cross-lingual information access and its evaluation (invited)". In Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium of Digital Libraries, pp.58-65, Tsukuba, Japan, Sept. 1999. [PDF file]

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