CLIMA00: Program

CLIMA00 Program: The Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems

July 24th 2000

14:30--15:00 A Defeasible Reasoning System in Multi-Agent Environments Sakama, C., Inoue, K., Iwanuma, K., and Satoh, K.
15:00--15:30 Minimal Belief and Negation as Failure in Multi-Agent Systems Rosati, R.
15:30--16:00 Multi-dimensional Dynamic Logic Programming Leite, J. A., Alferes, J. J., and Pereira, L. M.
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
16:30--17:00 Dynamic Downloading of Communications Protocols Using a Logic Based Agent System Araragi, T., and Kogure, K.
17:00--18:00 Discussion

July 25th 2000

14:30--15:00 Expressing Collaborative and Competitive Coordination among Abductive Logic Agents Ciampolini, A., Lamma, E., Mello, P., and Torroni, P.
15:00--15:30 IMPACTing SHOP: Planning in a Multi-agent Environment Dix, J., Munoz-Avila, H., and Nau, D. S.
15:30--16:00 A Plan Fusion Algorithm for Multi-Agent Systems de Weerdt, M., Bos, A., Tonino, H., and Witteveen, C.
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
16:30--17:00 On the Interplay between Reactivity and Computation Brogi, A., Contiero, S., and Turini, F.
17:00--18:00 Discussion