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The ICDM18 PhD Forum will be held on Nov. 17, 2018. This workshop will highlight work of PhD and PhD-bound Masters students, which will become the core of their thesis. It spans various topics of data mining and related fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, databases, information retrieval, social media analysis, and multimedia and web mining.

During the workshop, invited students will give the presentations of their on going works, while researchers with experience in supervising and examining doctoral students will participate and provide feedback on these presentations. This year we will also have a keynote session where the well-known, successful Prof. Feida Zhu, will discuss topics that are relevant to PhDs or PhD-bound students,e.g., how to build professional milestones in the academic career. In addition, To create the positive impact on the confidence and ability of students for them to graduate and reach their career goals, the forum also will feature a (structured) mentoring session "meeting with mentors". Prof. Xindong Wu, Prof. Bhavani Thuraisingham, Prof.Panagiotis Papapetrou, etc will discuss various academic tips such as how to work with supervisers to in a win-win way. Any kinds of questions can be raised to discuss over face to face in this session.

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in !

Co-chairs : Ranga Raju VAatsavai, North Carolina State University    &    Yi Yu, National Institute of Informatics


  • Student Presentations I (10:20am -11:40am), Pisces 1 --- Session chair (Sein Minn)
    • Automatic mining of Large IoT Sensor Tensor
      Takato Honda, Yasuko Matsubara, Yasushi Sakurai (Kumamoto University)
    • Understanding Urban Spatio-temporal Usage Patterns Using Matrix Tensor Factoriza
      Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam (Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia), Richi Nayak (Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia), Yuen Chau (Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore)
    • Attend2trend: Attention Model for Real-Time Detecting and Forecasting of Trending Topics
      Ahmed Saleh (Kiel University), Ansgar Scherp (University of Stirling)
    • AirCalypse: Revealing Fine-Grained Air Quality from Social Media
      Prithviraj Pramanik, Subrata Nandi, Mousumi Saha (NIT Durgapur, India)
  • Student Presentations II (02:20pm - 03:20pm) Pisces 1, --- Session chair (Takato Honda)
    • Signed Network Analysis and Political Science
      Tyler Derr, Jiliang Tang (Michigan State University, USA)
    • On Using Clustering for the Optimization of Hydrological Simulations
      Elnaz Azmi (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Karlsruhe, Germany)
    • Development of Mental Model in Understanding Users’ Thought Processes for the Evaluation and Functional Enhancement of Clinical Decision Support Systems
      Ifeoluwa Agboola (Aston University Birmingham, United Kingdom)
  • Student Presentations III (03:40pm -05:00am), Pisces 1 --- Session chair (Tyler Derr)
    • Improving Knowledge Tracing Model by Integrating Problem Difficulty
      Sein Minn(Polytechnique Montreal, Canada), Feida Zhu(SMU), Michel C. Desmarais (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada)
    • Deep Neural Models for Chronic Disease Status Detection in Free Text Clinical Records
      Kunal Rajput, Girija Chetty, Rachel Davey (University of Canberra Australia)
    • Extracting Addresses from Unstructured Text using Bi-directional Recurrent Neural Networks
      Shivin Srivastava, (Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India)
    • SysEvoRecomd: Graph Evolution and Change Learning based System Evolution Recommender
      Animesh Chaturvedi, Aruna Tiwari, (Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, India)


Ranga Raju VatsavaiRanga Raju Vatsavai is a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program Cluster Associate Professor in Geospatial Analytics in the Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University (NCSU). He works at the intersection of spatial and temporal big data management, analytics, and high performance computing with applications in the national security, geospatial intelligence, natural resources, climate change, location-based services, and human terrain mapping. Before joining NCSU, Raju was the Lead Data Scientist for CSE Division at ORNL. As the Associate Director of the Center for Geospatial Analytics (CGA), Raju plays a leadership role in the center’s strategic vision for spatial computing research. He holds MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Yi YuYi Yu is an assistant professor in National Institute of Informatics (NII). Before joining NII, she was a senior research fellow at School of Computing, National University of Singapore. Her research interests include multimodal learning, large-scale multimedia/music/educational data mining, and multimedia/music analysis. She has been working with lots of researchers with different research backgrounds. She and her team are awarded best paper runner up in APWeb-WAIM 2017, recognized as finalist of the World’s FIRST 10K best paper award in ICME17, won the 2nd prize in Yahoo Flickr grand challenge 2015, were in the top winners (out of 29 teams) awarded by ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS Cup 2013, and received a best paper award from IEEE ISM 2012.