CLIMA-VIII 2007 - Porto, Portugal

10 September 2007

10:00   Coffee Break

10:20-12:30   Session Chair: Fariba Sadri

10:20   Welcome

10:30   Invited Talk: Cees Witteveen. Plan Coordination Mechanisms and the Price of Autonomy

11:30   Arjen Hommersom and Peter Lucas. Actions with Failures in Interval Temporal Logic

12:00   Tristan M. Behrens and Juergen Dix. Model Checking with Logic Based Petri Nets


13:00   Lunch Break


14:00-16:00   Session Chair: Paolo Torroni

14:00   Wojtek Jamroga and Nils Bulling. A Logic for Reasoning about Rational Agents

14:30   David Pereira, Nelma Moreira and Eugénio Oliveira. Formal Modelling of Emotions in BDI Agents

15:00   Jan Broersen and Julien Brunel. 'What I fail to do today, I have to do tomorrow' : a logical study of the propagation of obligations

15:30   Raul Hakli and Sara Negri. Proof Theory for Distributed Knowledge

16:00   Coffee Break




18:00   River Cruise



19:30   ICLP/CLIMA Joint Banquet


11 September 2007

9:10-10:00   Session Chair: Michael Fisher

09:10   Martin Slota and Joao Leite. EVOLP - Transformation-based Implementation

System paper

09:30   Martin Slota and Joao Leite. Operational Semantics for EVOLP

10:00   Coffee Break

10:30-12:30   Session Chair: Francesca Toni

10:30   Louise Dennis, Michael Fisher and Anthony Hepple. Language Constructs for Multi-Agent Programming

11:00   Volha Bryl, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Paolo Torroni and Nicola Zannone. B-Tropos: Agent-oriented requirements engineering meets computational logic for declarative business process modelling and verification

11:30   Stefania Costantini, Arianna Tocchio and Panagiota Tsintza. A Heuristic Approach for P2P Negotiation

12:00   Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable and Toby Walsh. Determining winners in weighted  sequential majority voting: incomplete profiles vs.  majority graphs


13:00   Lunch Break


14:00-16:00   Session Chair: Joao Leite

14:00   Armin Hezart, Abhaya Nayak and Mehmet Orgun. Towards Context Dependent Defeasible rules

14:30   Ruben Stranders, Mathijs de Weerdt and Cees Witteveen. Fuzzy Argumentation for Trust

15:00   Paolo Torroni. Formal properties of the SCIFF-AF Multi-Agent Argumentation Framework

15:30   Francesca Toni,. Assumption-based argumentation for selection and composition of services

16:00   Coffee Break

16:30-18:00   Session Chair: Fariba Sadri

16:30   Francesco Belardinelli and Alessio Lomuscio. A Complete Quantified Epistemic Logic for Reasoning about Message Passing Systems

17:00   Rajeev Gore and Linh Anh Nguyen. Analytic Cut-free Tableaux for Regular Modal Logics of Agent Beliefs

17:30   Discussion and Close