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[ntcir:180] NTCIR CLQA Round Table Meeting (2005.12.8)

Dear NTCIR participants,

We are going to have a CLQA round table meeting on Dec. 8th
as follows:

    Date: Dec. 8, 2005
    Time: 17:00-18:30 (after the main session)
   Place: NII's meeting room #1208-#1210
          12th Floor, NII building
          (next building of the workshop venue)
   Topic: Review of CLQA1 and future plan of CLQA
Language: Mainly English

Since participants to CLQA are from all over the world, this is
a rare opportunity to discuss a various issues on CLQA

Please join the meeting!
(no registration required and anyone can join.)

I would like to go out for dinner/drinking after
the meeting with those who are willing to go.

Dr. Yutaka Sasaki @ CLQA organizer