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[ntcir:87] CFP: ACM-SIGIR WS on Mobile IR

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SIGIR 2002
Workshop on Mobile Personal Information Retrieval

Call for Participation: http://www.sigir2002.org/html/ws4.htm

Organizers: Mun-Kew Leong, Laboratories for Information Technology,
  Gareth Loudon, Cyberlab Singapore, Ericsson Research

Program committee:
* Mun-Kew Leong, Laboratories for Information Technology, Singapore
* Gareth Loudon, Cyberlab Singapore, Ericsson Research
* Natasa Milic-Frayling, Microsoft Research, UK
* Gareth Jones, University of Exeter, UK
* Nobuo Hataoka, Hitachi Central Research Labs, Japan

Description of the topic:
Introduction: One of the strongest impacts in recent information
is the way mobility has changed computer applications. The rapid rate of

handphone adoption, the ubiquitous PDA, the release of GPS from purely
military use, and the low cost of wireless adoption has created new
new challenges, and new opportunities to researchers in many
One common thread through all these applications is the necessity for
retrieval in one form or another. Search engines were one of the
applications to support WAP. Context and location became increasingly
to filter and narrow retrieval results. Outside of the IR community,
companies have targeted mobile IR as a killer application; mobile
researchers are adopting precision and relevance concepts to reduce
to fit on mobile personal devices; HCI researchers are looking at input
output and questioning existing paradigms of working with mobile

This workshop will explore user oriented and theoretical limits and
characteristics of IR within the context of mobile devices, including
phones, PDAs, context, location-based devices, etc. We welcome
connected with any aspect of the above, including but not limited to the

* Challenges, case studies, innovative approaches, etc. to doing search
on a
  mobile device
* User oriented studies involving information retrieval, management or
use on
  mobile devices
* Privacy and etiquette doing information retrieval on mobile devices
* Theoretical analyses and modeling of information flow, relationships,
usage, etc.
* Context-aware or location-aware approaches or implementations on
mobile devices
* Server-based support and applications, modeling and user studies
* Any of the above, where mobile is substituted by nomadic, migratory or

other synonym

We hope to kickstart a community of interest in the long term
of storage, management, retrieval and usage (and abusage) of information

the mobile environment.

Details of the workshop program:
We hope that the workshop will be interactive and controversial and have

lots of times for Q&A. Please take advantage of it.
* 0900 ?workshop welcome and introduction
* 0915 ?1st session of papers & discussions
* 1115 ?1st panel discussion on the theme "Is Mobile IR about IR or
  about device and mobility issues: user interfaces, HCI, security,
  sensitivity and similar?"
* 1230 ?break for lunch
* 1330 ?2nd session of papers and discussions
* 1530 ?2nd panel discussion on the theme "New Research Directions in
Mobile IR
  ?I知 going to stake my next 3 years of research on it!"
* 1700 ?all done
We will create a website for the workshop and put up the proceedings, as

as the list of participants. We hope this could form the basis of a
of interest to work in this area.

Types of submission(s) and submission process:
You may submit a paper for presentation or a position paper to take part

in the
panel. All submissions will be reviewed by the program committee and
selected on
the basis of relevance, quality, and balance. It also helps to be

Where to send the submission: Please send submissions by email only to
Mun-Kew Leong at mkleong@xxxxxxxxxx with the subject heading "SIGIR 2002

Submission". You may send Word documents and PDF files for paper
You may send ASCII files or Powerpoint presentations as position
statements for
the panel. Zipped files are acceptable.

When are the submissions due: 31st May 2002

Notification of acceptance: 15th June 2002

Final copy of paper or presentation due: 1st July 2002
The papers will be collected together as Working Notes and distributed
during the
workshop. They will will also be made available on the workshop website.

If you have any questions, please send email to Mun-Kew Leong at