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[ntcir:96] CFP IEICE Transactions

Dear colleague,

The enclosed is the Call for Papers for
Special Issue on Text Processing for Information Access.
The submission deadline is Nov. 29th.
Please submit your NTCIR experience.

Tsuneaki KATO
University of Tokyo

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Text Processing for Information Access

The IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems announces a
forthcoming Special Issue on Text Processing for Information
Access to be published in September 2003.

Technologies for accessing information appropriately and efficiently
are extending their fields in various directions.  Information retrieval
technologies have expanded their objects to Web and patent
information from traditional newspaper articles and technical papers,
and have been trying to cross language boundaries.  Such technologies
are not limited to information retrieval, but include various text
processing technologies such as automatic text summarization that
condenses fat documents to a compact form and question answering
that identifies concise answers to given questions reflecting users'
interests and perspectives.  Several attempts such as NTCIR and TREC
for evaluating those technologies and accumulating the research
resources have been conducted and have had a lot of eager participants.
Considering these circumstances, this special issue aims to introduce
and demonstrate research activities on Text Processing for Information
Access, and to disseminate research in those areas.

Possible topics include, but not limited to:
Automatic Text Summarization, Question-Answering, Information Retrieval,
Cross-Language Information Retrieval, Patent Retrieval, Web Retrieval,
Information Extraction, Named Entity Extraction, Text Processing,
Test/Data Collection, Common Evaluation Infrastructure

Prospective authors are requested to send four copies of manuscripts
 (the length is recommended within 8 printedpages) to the following
address by November 29, 2002.
The top of a first page should be marked with "Special Section on Text
Processing for Information Access" in red ink.
For additional guidelines on manuscripts preparation, please visit the
web-page: http://www.ieice.org/eng/shiori/mokuji.html

Paper submission to:
Dr. Tsuneaki KATO
Language Information Sciences, University of Tokyo,
Address: University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
153-8902, JAPAN,
Tel: 03-5454-6302, Fax: 03-5454-4329,
Email: kato@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Guest Editor: Hitoshi ISAHARA (Communications Research Laboratory)
Secretaries: Tsuneaki KATO (Univ. of Tokyo)
	Fumito MASUI (Mie Univ.)
	Manabu OKUMURA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Members: 	Koji EGUCHI National Institute of Informatics)
	Atsushi FUJII (Univ. of Library and Information Science)
	Junichi FUKUMOTO (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
	Takahiro FUKUSIMA (Otemon Gakuin Univ.)
	Makoto IWAYAMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology/Hitachi ltd.)
	Noriko KANDO (National Institute of Informatics)
	Hiroyuki KAWANO (Kyoto Univ.)
	Kazuhiro KAZAMA (NTT Corp.)
	Kazuaki KISHIDA (Surugadai Univ./National Institute of Informatics)
	Kazuko KURIYAMA (Shirayuri College)
	Hidetsugu NANBA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
	Keizo OYAMA (National Institute of Informatics)
	Yutaka SASAKI (NTT Corp.)
	Satoshi SEKINE (New York Univ.)
	Akihiko TAKANO (National Institute of Informatics)

* Please note that if accepted, all the authors, including the authors of
invited papers, should pay for the page charges covering partial cost
of publication.  The authors will receive 100 copies of the reprint.