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[ntcir:94] Re: [ntc-workshop:80] meeting for TSC3 and QAC2

Re: TSC3 and QAC2 meeting

I think that having such meetings for future direction and
discussing it by many people are definetly fruitful, but it would be more
fruitful if some of the participants prepare short reports beforehand.
The reports might include some analyses of the current project
(not the analysis of the result, but the analysis of the task etc
in the context of the global view), survey of the related research
topics or survey of the real user (which was mentioned in the invited
talk a lot). Each of them might/should take no more than a half day
of work (otherwise no one is willing to do it) and I believe it will
be greatly improve the outcome of the meeting compared with no
preparation at all. (In a sence, I think the meeting without
preparation can be done in the mailing list).

Satoshi Sekine