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[ntcir:124] enlarging CLIR doc collection

Dear all

This is Kazuaki KISHIDA, an organizer of CLIR task at NTCIR-4.

As the CLIR CFP says "It should be noted that a new document set 
may be added late," the organizers have been trying to find other 
document resources available in order to provide participants with 
more useful test collection.

We made it. We are glad to make an announcement of augmenting our 
document sets. The new document sets to be added are as follows.
    Japanese: Yomiuri, around 370,000 records
    Korean: Chosen Ilbo, around 340,000 records
    English: Hong Kong Standard, over 70,000 records
And, Chinese data set used before, CIRB011 (around 130,000 records), will 
be newly added to the collections for evaluation at NTCIR-4.

It should be noted that the numbers of records are tentative.

We would like to inform you of the detailed information later.

Best regards,

organizer of CLIR task at NTCIR-4

Faculty of Cultural Information Resources,
Surugadai University
698 Azu, Hanno, Saitama 357-8555 JAPAN