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[ntcir:135] RIAO 2004: Call for Participation - April 26-28, 2004

Title: RIAO 2004 - Program
Please find a call for participation to the seventh RIAO 

RIAO 2004 will take place in Avignon "Vaucluse", France 
from April 26 to April 28. We look forward to seeing you 


G. Grefenstette, co-chair of the program committee

Coupling Approaches, Coupling Media and Coupling Languages
for Information Retrieval


University of Avignon (Vaucluse $(H France)
26-28 Avril 2004


The seventh RIAO conference is organised by:

(C.I.D., France)


in collaboration with the LIA (Laboratoire d'Informatique d'Avignon - Université d'Avignon)

with technical support from l'IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)

in cooperation with the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) LIST



Current content-based information management involves many different disciplines. Information must be retrieved from video, from sound, and from images and graphs. Question answering involves both syntax and semantics.

Information classification and filtering involve machine learning and linguistics. In addition, as information technology spreads throughout the world, a wider variety of languages in increasingly complex combinations must be handled.

In response to these evolving needs, RIAO'2004 conference will cover the coupling of techniques from different domains to improve information retrieval. RIAO'2004 will present innovative research and developments from all areas of multi-media and multi-language information retrieval. Combination of techniques from disparate domains, will treat retrieval from either a single medium, or across media (indexing one medium for find information in another), or from coupling unstructured and structured information (e.g. exploiting both text and XML structure), or from across languages.

RIAO'2004 presents recent scientific progress in these areas with oral presentations, demonstrations of research prototypes, as well as presenting a selection of innovative products present on the market.

RIAO (which stands for Recherche d'Information Assistée par Ordinateur ) is organized every three years since 1985. Previous RIAO Conferences were held in Grenoble, France (1985), at MIT in Cambridge Massachussetts. USA (1988), in Barcelona, Spain (1991), in New York USA (1994), at Mc Gill, Montreal (1997), and at the Collège de France, Paris (2000) The conference is organized by the Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales d'Informatique Documentaire (C.I.D.) in conjunction with various partners.

This year's conference presents research from 18 different countries, two invited keynote speeches, 13 sessions of oral presentations, a poster session and a session dedicated to cultural applications. The 51 papers presented, 16 posters, and various presentations will give an overview of the state-of-the-art in this rapidly changing domain.

Concurrent to the scientific presentations, a wide variety of innovative applications will be presented by an international selection of companies. Each application was chosen by an Applications Committee using the same criteria of quality and originality as the Scientific Committee for the written scientific communications.

Programme RIAO 2004

Monday, April 26
08:00 - 9:30 Registration
09:30 - 10:15 Welcome from officials
10:15 - 11:00 Invited speaker
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 - 12:35 Session 1: Indexing Video, Sound and Images
The Fmschlar-News-Stories System: Personalised Access to an Archive of TV News

Alan Smeaton, Cathal Gurrin, Hyowon Lee, Kieran McDonald, Noel Murphy, Noel O'Connor, Dublin City University

Video Summarization Based on User-Defined Constraints and Preferences

Vyacheslav Parshin, Liming Chen, Ecole Central de Lyon, Dept. Mathimatique-Informatique

The TREC VIdeo Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVID): A Case Study and Status Report

Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University Wessel Kraaij, TNO TPD Paul Over, NIST

CIMWOS: A Multimedia Retrieval System based on Combined Text, Speech and Image Processing

Harris Papageorgiou, Prokopis Prokopidis, Lason Demiros, Nikos Hatzigeorgiou, Georges Carayanis, Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)

12:35 - 13:45 Lunch
13:45 - 15:25 Session 2: Searching across Languages
Multilingual Information Retrieval with Asian Languages

Jacques Savoy, University of Neuchatel

Transitive CLIR Models

Wessel Kraaij, TNO Franciska de Jong, University of Twente

Interlingual Indexing across Different Languages

Kornel Marko, Udo Hahn, Linguistische Informatik Stefan Schulz, Philipp Daumke, Medizinische Informatik

Crossing Languages in Text Retrieval via an Interlingua

Udo Hahn, Michael Poprat, Linguistische Informatik Stefan Schulz, Joachim Wermter, Kronel Marko, Medizinische Informatik

Multilingual document clusters discovery

Benoit Mathieu, Christian Fluhr, Romaric Besangon, CEA - LIST/LIC2M

15:25 - 15:55 Break / Demonstrations
15:55 - 16:55 Session 3: Searching and Ontologies
Ontologies as Background Knowledge to Explore Document Collections

Aussenac Nathalie, Mothe Josiane, IRIT

Learning + Generalization/Specialization ; Relations between Concepts - Application for Automatically Building Thematic Document Hierarchies

Hermine Njike Fotzo, Patrick Gallinari, Lip6

Coupling Information Extraction and Data Mining for Ontology Learning in PARMENIDES

Myra Spiliopoulou, University of Magdeburg Fabio Rinaldi, University of Zurich Bill Black, UMIST, Manchester Gian Piero Zarri, CNRS, Paris

16:55 - 17:55 Session 4: Niche Web Systems
Combinaison de classifieurs pour le filtrage de documents multi-midias ` caracthre choquant ou dangereux

Bruno Grilheres, EADS S&DE/PSI Rouen Stephan Brunessaux, EADS S&DE Philippe Leray, PSI Rouen

Coupling Niche Browsers and Affect Analysis

Gregory Grefenstette, Yan Qu, James G. Shanahan, David A. Evans, Clairvoyance Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Bilingual PRESRI - Integration of Multiple Research Paper Databases -

Hidetsugu Nanba, School of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University Takeshi Abekawa, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Manabu Okumura, Suguru Saito, Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology

17:55 - 18:15 Cultural heritage applications
Un musie virtuel pour les spicialistes

Marie-Frangoise Clergeau, Collhge de France

Fabritius : base de donnies multilingue en ligne pour les Musies royaux des beaux-arts de Belgique

Pierre-Yves Desaive, Musies Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique

18:30 Cocktail in the "Salle de la grande audience" of the Popes' Palace
Tuesday, April 27
09:00 - 09:45 Invited speaker
09:45 - 11:05 Session 5: Different Methods and Languages for Question Answering
ASKMi: A Japanese Question Answering System based on Semantic Role Analysis

Tetsuya Sakai, Yoshimi Saito, Yumi Ichimura, Makoto Koyama, Tomoharu Kokubu, Toshihiko Manabe, Toshiba Corporate R&D Center

A Pattern Based Approach to Factoid and Definition Question Answering

Horacio Saggion, Mark Greenwood, University of Sheffield

Question-Answer Matching : Complementary Methods

Karine Lavenus, Jens Grivolla, Laurent Gillard, Patrice Bellot, LIA, Universiti d'Avignon, France

MOQA - Meaning-Oriented Question-Answering

Jim Cowie, New Mexico State University, CRL Sergei Nirenburg, University of Maryland, ILIT Tanya Korelsky, CoGenTex, Inc. Stephen Helmreich, New Mexico State University, CRL Benont Lavoie, CoGenTex, Inc.

11:05 - 11:40 Break / Demonstrations
11:40 - 13:00 Session 6: Image Processing
Image Understanding using Domain Knowledge

Nicolas Zlatoff, Bruno Tellez, Atilla Baskurt, LIRIS

Improving CBIR systems by integrating semantic features

Djamel Brahmi, Djemel Ziou, Universiti de Sherbrooke (Canada)

Automatic generation of natural language description for images.

Patrick Hede, Pierre-Alain Mokllic, Magali Joint, Jokl Bourgeoys, Hubert Naets, CEA LIST/LIC2M

Costume: A New Feature for Video Content Indexing

Gakl Jaffri, Philippe Joly, IRIT

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 15:50 Session 7 (parallel session): Cooperative Searching andusers
Group Memory Based on the Task Information

Jonathan Yu, James Thom, RMIT University Leila Alem, CSIRO

BINGO! and DAFFODIL: Personalized Exploration of Digital Libraries and Web Sources

Martin Theobald, Max-Planck Institut f|r Informatik Claus-Peter Klas, Universitdt Duisburg

The Generalized Web Surfer

Ayman Farahat, Francine Chen, Palo Alto Research Center

Improving Ontology-Based User Profiles

Joana Trajkova, Susan Gauch, University of Kansas

14:30 - 15:50 Poster session (parallel session)
OWL-based reasoning with retractable inference

Carlo Jelmini, Stephane Marchand-Maillet, Viper Group - University of Geneva

Browsing and searching e-encyclopaedias

Ruth Wilson, Julie Shortreed, Monica Landoni, University of Strathclyde

An Experiment with Ontology Mapping using Concept Similarity

Robert Villa, Ruth Wilson, Fabio Crestani, University of Strathclyde

Coupling OWL with MPEG-7 and TV-Anytime for Domain-specific Multimedia Information Integration and Retrieval

Chrisa Tsinaraki, Panagiotis Polydoros, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Stavros Christodoulakis, Lab. of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (MUSIC/TUC)

Speaker segments regroupment

Liming Chen, Aliaksandr Paradzinets, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Rich Document Representation for Document Clustering

Azam Jalali, Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, Farhad Oroumchian, University of Wollongong in Dubai

Audio Documents Analysis And Indexing: Entropy And Dynamism Criteria

Liming Chen, Dept. Mathimatiques Informatique, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Eugeny Bovbel, Hanna Lukashevich, Department of Radiophysics, Byelorussian Denis Mitrofanov, Department of Radiophysics, Byelorussian State University, Belarus

Suivi du Locuteur dans des Discours Multimidia

Halim Sayoud, Siham Ouamour, USTHB

Information retrieval on mixed written and spoken documents

Benoit Favre, Patrice Bellot, Jean-Frangois Bonastre, Laboratoire d'Informatique d'Avignon

Modilisation de connaissances et fouille dinformations par la cartographie dynamique : application de veille technologique avec Matheo Analyzer

Mylene Leitzelman, H Dou, J Kister, Faculte Sciences et Techniques de St-Jirtme

Improving the Precision of a Closed-Domain Question-Answering System with Semantic Information

Hai Doan-Nguyen, Leila Kosseim, Department of Computer Science, Concordia University

Retrieving what's relevant in audio and video: statistics and linguistics in combination

Anthony Davis,Phil Rennert, Robert Rubinoff, Tim Sibley, Evelyne Tzoukermann

StreamSageToward Tacit Information Retrieval

Daniel Memmi, IMAG Grenoble

Automating Indexing of Classes and Conferences

Jean-Claude Moissinac, Frangois Yvon, Slim Ben Hazez, GET/ENST

Indexation automatique de documents par combinaison d'analyses statistiques et terminologiques structuries

Lyne Da Sylva, Icole de bibliothiconomie et des sciences de l'information, Universiti de Montrial

Information Retrieval and Extraction from the Web: the CROSSMARC approach

Vangelis Karkaletsis, Constantine Spyropoulos, NCSR "Demokritos", Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications

15:50 - 16:10 Break / demonstrations
16:10 - 17:30 Session 8 (parallel session): User Searching, Studies and Aids
Subject knowledge, thesaurus-assisted query expansion and search success

Anne Sihvonen, Pertti Vakkari, University of Tampere

Fetch: A Personalised Information Retrieval Tool

Innes Martin, Joemon Jose, University of Glasgow

Interfaces dynamiques de fouille textuelles

Javier Couto, Jean-Luc Minel, Laboratoire LaLICC, CNRS-Universiti Paris-Sorbonne

Feedback Mechanisms for a Natural Language Interface: An Application of the Critic Paradigm

Johannes Leveling, Fern Universitdt in Hagen

16:10 - 17:10 Session 9 (parallel session): New views on Relevance
Improving the Relevance-based Superimposition model for IR with automatic keyword extraction

Teruhito Kanazawa, KYA group Atsuhiro Takasu, Jun Adachi, National Institute of Informatics

Evaluation of Retrieval Systems without Predefined Retrieval Unit

Arjen de Vries, CWI Gabriella Kazai, Mounia Lalmas, Queen Mary University London

Monitoring user-system performance in interactive retrieval tasks

Liudmila Boldareva, University of Twente (UT) Arjen de Vries, National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) Djoerd Hiemstra, University of Twente (UT)

17:30 - 18:30 Conference given by Michel Laclotte, Directeur Général honoraire of the Louvre Museum « L'École d'Avignon, Deux Siècles de Peinture »
19:00 Guided tour of the "Palais des Papes"
20:15 Conference Dinner
Wednesday, April 28
09:30 - 10:50 Session 10: Mono and Multilingual Term Variation
Mining textual data through term variant clustering : the TermWatch system

Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan, ERSICOM - Universiti de Lyon 3 Eric Sanjuan, LITA - Universiti de Metz

Knowledge Acquisition from Collections of News Articles to Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Fatiha Sadat, National Institute of Informatics (NII)

Chinese character expansion for retrieving Japanese paraphrases

Takenobu Tokunaga, Yoshiki Tezuka, Hozumi Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Cross-Language Image Retrieval via Spoken Query

Wen-Cheng Lin, Ming-Shun Lin, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University

10:50 - 11:15 Break / demonstrations
11:15 - 12:35 Session 11: Conceptual, Structural Retrieval, XML
Source Code Retrieval using Conceptual Similarity

Gilad Mishne, Maarten de Rijke, ILLC, University of Amsterdam

Multimodal Indexation of Contrastive Structures in Geographical Documents

Antoine Widlvcher, Eric Faurot, Fridirik Bilhaut, GREYC - Universiti Cakn

Integrating XLink and XPath to Retrieve Structured Multimedia Documents in Digital Libraries

Zhigang Kong, Mounia Lalmas, Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London

Using XML to Query XML - From Theory to Practice

Andrei Broder, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Yoelle Maarek, Yosi Mass, Matan Mandelbrod, IBM Haifa Research Lab

12:35 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:40 Session 12: Topic Discovery, Segmentation
Summarizing Texts at Various Levels of Detail

Marie-Francine Moens, Roxana Angheluta , Rik De Busser, Patrick Jeuniaux, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Selective Combination of Evidence for Topic Distillation using Document and Aggregate-level Information

Vassilis Plachouras, Iadh Ounis, University of Glasgow Fidel Cacheda, University of A Coruna

Comparing algorithms for French linear segmentation

Laurianne Sitbon, Patrice Bellot, LIA, Universiti d'Avignon, France

Tagging Well-known Arabic Names to Support Question-Answering Systems

Saleem Abuleil, Chicago State University

Unsupervised Learning with Term Clustering for Thematic Segmentation of Texts

Marc Caillet, Jean-Frangois Pessiot, Massih-Reza Amini, Patrick Gallinari, Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6

15:40 - 15:50 Break
15:50 - 17:00 Session 13: Improving Retrieval
Combining Positive and Negative Query Feedback in Passage Retrieval

Dkaki Taoufiq, Mothe Josiane, IRIT

Latent Semantic Indexing with a Variable Number of Orthogonal Factors

Georges Dupret

Word Pairs in Language Modeling for Information Retrieval

Carmen Alvarez, Philippe Langlais, Jian-Yun Nie, Universiti de Montrial

A Query-based Pre-retrieval Model Selection Approach to Information Retrieval

Ben He, Iadh Ounis, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

17:00 - 17:30 Closing session
Innovative Applications

Innovative applications and products related to the conference topics are sought for demonstrations during the three days of the Conference. They will be selected by the international Application committee, on the basis of their innovation and future or present marketability. Selected applications will be given free demonstration spaces.

The selection of the innovative applications and products is not finished. The list of accepted ones will be soon available on the RIAO web site

Applications and products will be chosen among the following topics:

  • Multimedia indexing and retrieval systems (text, sound, speech, images, video)
  • Cross-lingual indexing and retrieval systems
  • Peer-to-peer text search engines
  • Cooperative Information Retrieval (grids)
  • Automatic XML structuring of documents
  • Automatic metadata generation for text, sound, and images, automatic annotators
  • Automated ontology construction and annotators
  • Topic detection and event detection in streaming documents, technology watch, strategy watch
  • Intelligent message filtering
  • Intelligent text agents
  • Parent control and anti-spam control by content filtering
  • E-learning - response interpretation
  • Document summarisation -- mono or multilingual, mono or multidocument, profile driven
  • Topic maps
  • Domain-specific application of information retrieval and multimedia retrieval: medicine, e-commerce, computer-assisted teaching, video production, etc

Demonstrations will be organized all along the conference and short oral presentations will be held in parallel sessions, Monday afternoon (13:45 - 15:25 and 16:55 - 17:55)


Program Committee
Christian Fluhr
CEA, France
Europe, Africa
Gregory Grefenstette
Asia, Oceania
Bruce Croft
Univ. of Mass, Amherst, USA
Bruno Bachimont
Tech. Univ. of Compiègne
Catherine Berrut
IMAG, France
Georges Carayanis
ILSP, Greece
Francine Chen
Claude Chrisment
IRIT, Toulouse, France
Roger Dannenberg
Franciska de Jong
Univ. Twente, Netherlands
Claude de Loupy
Sinequa, France
Renato De Mori
Univ. Avignon, France
Marc El-Bèze
Univ. Avignon, France
Pascale Fung
Scienc. Tech. Univ., Hong Kong
Sadaoki Furui
Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan
Jean-Luc Gauvain
LIMSI, France
Edouard Geoffrois
DGA - CTA/CIP, France
Julio Gonzalo
UNED, Spain
Donna Harman
David Hawking
CSIRO, Australia
Ulrich Heid
Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
Eduard Hovy
ISI, Univ. S. California, USA
Christian Jacquemin
LIMSI, France
Boris Katz
Elisabeth Liddy
Univ. Syracuse, USA
Simone Marinai
Univ. Florence, Italy
José Martinez
Univ. Nantes, France
Christof Monz
Univ. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frank Nack
CWI, Netherlands
Chahab Nastar
LTU, France
Jian-Yun Nie
Univ. Montréal, Canada
Douglas Oard
Univ. Maryland, USA
Jörg Ontrup
Univ. Bielefeld, Germany
Gabriella Pasi
Univ. Milano, Italy
Marie Theresa Pazienza
Univ. Roma, Italy
Carol Peters
CNR, Italy
Euripides Petrakis
Tech. Univ. of Crete, Greece
Marc Pic
Advestigo, France
Jean-Marie Pierrel
INALF, France
Jean-Marie Pinon
INSA Lyon, France
Yan Qu
Clairvoyance, USA
Steve Renals
Univ. Sheffield, Great Britain
Tetsuya Sakai
Toshiba, Japan
Frédérique Segond
Xerox, France
Bernadette Sharp
Staffordshire, Great Britain
Alan Smeaton
Univ. Dublin, Ireland
Tokunaga Takenobu
Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan
Simone Teufel
Univ. Cambridge, Great Britain
Evelyne Tzoukermann
Alex van Ballegooij
CWI, Netherlands
Keith Van Rijsbergen
Univ. Glasgow, Great Britain
James Z.  Wang
PennState Univ., USA
Ross Wilkinson
CSIRO, Australia
Zhiping Zheng
Univ. Saarland, Germany
Applications Committee
Chantal Soulé-Dupuy
Université de Toulouse, France
Michel Benoit
Sté Itek, France
Robert Bentz
Xerox Global Services, France
Marie-Françoise Clergeau
Collège de France
Daniel Confland
Jouve, France
Max Copperman
Kanisa, USA
Michel Dureigne
EADS, France
Bernard Dousset
Irit, Univ. Paul Sabatier, France
Péré Escorsa
Univ. Polytechnic de Catalunya, Spain
Muriel Foulonneau
Relais Culture Europe, France
Christine Jacquet-Pfau
Collège de France
Dominique Ladiray
Insee-Ensac Statistics, Canada
Ornella Mich
Inst. Trentino di Cultura, Italy
Norbert Paquel
Canope, France
Organisation and Coordination Committee
Agnès Beriot
Déléguée Générale du C.I.D., France
Henriette Allignon
C.I.D., France
Peter Brodnitz
Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
Jean Louis d'Arc
Fédération France-Poland, France
Jean Perrière
Administrator, Secretary General, C.I.D., France
Sharyn Rosart
Anne Tabutiaux
Recherche et Diffusion, France
Local Organisation Committee
Aurélia Barrière
Univ. Avignon, France
Stéphane Igounet
Univ. Avignon, France
(Final list forthcoming)
Technical Committee
Luc Boulianne
C.I.D., Canada
Jonathan Albert
C.I.D., Canada
Max Chevalier
Univ. Toulouse, France
Jean-Jacques Guilbart
Collège de France, France
Cécile Laffaire
Univ. Toulouse, France


Registration fees:

  • 370 euros for early registration received until April 1, 2004
  • 430 euros registration after April 1, 2004
  • 320 euros early registration for CID members until April 1, 2004
  • 430 euros registration for CID members after April 1, 2004

Registration includes admission to all conference sessions, to prototype and product demonstrations, to coffee breaks, and to the Tuesday night conference dinner. It is possible to reserve extra places at this dinner for 25 euros per person.

Student fees:

  • 170 euros for early registration received until April 1, 2004
  • 200 euros registration after April 1, 2004

Student registration includes admission to all conference sessions, to prototype and product demonstrations, to coffee breaks, but not to the Tuesday night conference dinner. Students can reserve a place at this dinner for 25 euros per person.

Registration instructions:

Please register using the secured payment facilities found on our web site http://www.riao.org/.

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to the following account:

Name   : CID
Bank  : Société Générale
Branch : Agence Montmartre, 89 rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris, France
Account Number : 000 50 06 5481 Rib 06
Bank Number : 30003
Branch Number : 03120
IBAN : FR76 30003 03120 000500065481 06

Payment by check in euros will also be accepted. In this case send your check made out the "C.I.D." along with registration information (as found on the web site) to

Congrès RIAO'2004
36 bis rue Ballu
75009 Paris

Note: Registration can be canceled (with a 90% reimbursement of registration fees) until April 5, 2004. After this date no reimbursement will be possible.

Final Registration:

It will also be possible to register and pay registration fees on Sunday evening April 25 at the

17 rue de la République
84000 Avignon

between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and on-site on Monday April 26 from 8 a.m. It is nonetheless strongly advised to pre-register in order to avoid long lines the first morning, and to take advantage of the reduced early registration fees before April 1, 2004.

Each participant must check-in on-site before the conference at the University of Avignon, to receive their badge, the printed proceedings of the conference and the final program.

Conference Dinner:

The conference dinner will be held at the:

"Grenier à Sel"
2, rue du Rempart Saint-Lazare,
84000 Avignon
(33) (0) 4 90 27 09 09

A map will be distributed at the conferemce.


The working language of the conference will be English. In accordance with the French law, it will be possible, nonetheless, to present one's communication in French.

Tutorial :

Google scientists Vibu Mittal, Shumeet Baluja, and Mehran Sahami plan a tutorial on Web Information Retrieval for Sunday before the conference. This tutorial will be held if a sufficient number of people enroll. Details can be found on the RIAO web site - http://www.riao.org

Conference Address:

University of Avignon
74, rue Pasteur


Rooms have been reserved in a number of local hotels until April 1st, 2004. We recommend that you reserve a room as early as possible. Avignon is very active at the time of the conference. A hotel list is available on the RIAO web site.


If you are arriving in Paris at the Paris-Roisy Charles de Gaulle airport, you can take a direct high-speed train to Avignon. Check times online at http://www.sncf.com/indexe.htm . A shuttle leaves from the Avignon-TGV station to downtown Avignon.

If you are arriving in Paris at the Orly airport, there are direct flights to Avignon (aéroport national) except on Sundays.

Marseille-Marignane is an international airport situated 70 kms from Avignon. You might find a connection arriving there. If you are planning to come through Marseilles, please notify the conference organizers at informations@xxxxxxxxxx telling us when you are arriving and we might be able to organize a shuttle to Avignon.


Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales d'Informatique Documentaire (C.I.D.)

36 bis rue Ballu
75009 Paris France
Tel: (33 / 0) 1 42 85 04 75
Fax: (33 / 0) 1 48 78 49 61

Email: information@xxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.riao.org

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