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[ntcir:144] Call for Participation: NTCIR-4 Mtg June 2-4, 2004 [English]

                  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

              The 4th NTCIR Workshop Meeting
Evaluation of Information Retrieval, Question Answering, and

                 JUNE 2-4, 2004
      National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

The fourth NTCIR Workshop Meeting is a three days meeting. This year,
all sessions are open to public and anyone interested in the research
and evaluation of information access technologies like IR, QA and
summarization are welcome to come and join the discussion.

All the sessions are held in English, except for the pre-meeting
"introduction" ession which is held on the June 1st.

The latest program is available at:

The online registration is available at:

Please note that the closing date of the on-line pre-registration is
the 27th June 2004 5:00 p.m. in Japan Time.
Pre-registration is required to attend DAY-1 through DAY-3.

The NTCIR Workshop is a series of evaluation workshops designed to
enhance the research in information access technologies such as
information retrieval, question answering, summarization and so on by
providing infrastructures for large-scale evaluation and a forum for the
researchers who are interested in cross-system comparison and exchanging
research ideas in informal atmosphere. The main component of the
infrastructure is large-scale test collections usable for experiments.

The fourth NTCIR Workshop (NTCIR-4) selected the following research
areas or topics as "tasks" to be experimented and investigated:

+ Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Task:
cross- and mono-lingual IR on Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English

+ Patent Retrieval Task:
invalidity search (search patents by patent claim) and CLIR;
automatic patent map generation as a feasibility study

+ Question Answering Challenge:
1) 5 possible answers, 2) one set of all the answers,
3) series of questions for information gathering and browsing

+ Text Summarization Challenge:
Mutli-document summarization and challenge for automatic
evaluation using a reusable test collection

+ WEB Task:
Informational retrieval, navigational retrieval, geographic, result

The overview and the investigation conducted by each of the 74
participating groups from 10 different countries and areas are presented
at the Meeting.


All active task participating groups present their own experimental
results and findings either at oral or digital poster sessions.
Discussing what and how we shall evaluated and what we learned from the
results in an informal atmosphere is one of the attractive experiences
we have through the NTCIR Workshop. We do hope you will enjoy
the discussion and exchanging the research idea.

+ Invited Talks:
Invited talks are provided on DAY-3 (June 4). The first talk by Donna
Harman introduces findings and insights of a new type of evaluation
called "Reliable Information Access Workshop" held on last summer, and
the second one is for Cross-Language Evaluation Forum.

+ Open Submission Session:
NTCIR-4 Meeting also hosts an Open Submission Session and highly
selective papers are presented on afternoon of the DAY-1 (June 2).

    [Main Talk] Looking for a Few Good Metrics: ROUGE and its
        Evaluation/ Chin-Yew Lin

    Evaluating ADM on a Three-level Relevance Scale Document Set from
         NTCIR/ Vincenzo Della Mea, Luca Di Gaspero and Stefano Mizzaro

    New Performance Metrics based on Multigrade Relevance: Their
         Application to Question Answering/ Tetsuya Sakai

... and more!

+ "Introduction to NTCIR" is held at 17:30-19:30 June 1 as Pre-Meeting
Introductory Session.
The session is for the New Comers for NTCIR and non-task
participants, and includes the introduction to NTCIR and
evaluation workshop, information retrieval, question answering and
summarization. Special attention will be paid to evaluation methods and
test collections used in the tasks of NTCIR-4. This session (and only
this session) is held in Japanese. Many of the contents of this session
will be briefly described in the 'Overview of the 4th NTCIR Workshop' on
the 2nd June.


All sessions are open for those who registered on-line. Please register
on-line on the address below.

Please notice that the closing date of the on-line pre-registration is
the 27th June 2004 5:00 p.m. in Japan Time. Please don't miss the
opportunity !

+ Fee:
Pre-meeting Introduction: Free (Online registration NOT required)

DAY-1 to 3: (Online registration required)
15000 Japanese Yen for non-task participants
12000 Japanese Yen for task participants
8000 Japanese Yen for students (including non-task participants)

The registraion includes, Working Notes of papers, results CD, 1 buffet
Dinner, 3 lunches,
3 light refreshment in the morning such as bagel, sandwiches, and
"onigiri", a typical Japanese style light refrechment and is a rice-ball
with salmon., etc., coffee, a formal proceedings which will be published

(on registration): ntcir_reg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(others): Noriko Kando, kando (at) nii.ac.jp


NII Open House is held on June 1, the day before the NTCIR-4 Meeting.
The adminssion is free, and you are welcome to join. For the details,
pls visit


We are looking forward to seeing you at the NTCIR-4 Meeting, Tokyo.

Noriko Kando
ntcir project