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[ntcir:160] NTCIR-5 Patent Retrieval Task

We apologize if you receive multiple copies.

The organizers of NTCIR-5 Patent Retrieval Task provides
participants with a baseline IR system, which searches the
document collection (i.e., ten years of Japanese patent
applications) in response to a natural language query
(and classification codes).

This system is implemented on an organizers server and
can be used via SSH2.

That is, even if indexing ten years of patent applications
is prohibitive, you can participate in the task by only
preprocessing (e.g., generating a query from a topic) and
postprocessing (e.g., resorting or filtering the retrieved
documents by natural language processing).

The application form is still available at the following URL.


Homepage for Patent Retrieval Task:


The dry run started this week and Japanese search topics
have been released. (English topics will be released next week)
The submission deadline is December 15, 2004.

Best regards.

NTCIR-5 patent retrieval task organizers