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[ntcir:172] CFP for Open Submission Session of NTCIR-5

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                         CALL FOR PAPERS

               NTCIR-5 Meeting: Open Submission Session
             Evaluation of Information Access Technologies:
Information Retrieval, Question Answering and Cross-lingual Information
                   December 6-9, 2005, Tokyo, Japan

          Date for the Open Submission Session: December 6, 2005

The NTCIR-5 Workshop hosts an open submission session. Paper submissions
are invited from anybody who are interested in the investigation of the
information access technologies and the evaluation methodologies.
Submissions from non-NTCIR task participants are welcome. Sumissions
from NTCIR task participants and organizers are also welcome!

NTCIR is a series of evaluation workshops designed to enhance the
research in information access technologies such as information
retrieval, question answering, text summarization, text mining, etc., by
providing infrastructure of evaluation and testing including large-scale
reusable test collections, a forum of researchers, investigation of
evaluation methodologies and metrics. The workshop is held once per one
and half years.

The NTCIR-5 selected five areas of research as "tasks"; cross-lingual
information retrieval (CLIR), cross-language question answering (CLQA),
patent retrieval, question answering, and Web for main tasks, and one
pilot task on multimodal summarization for trend information (MuST).

NTCIR Workshop has started in late 1998 with emphasis on Japanese and
English, then gradually enlarged the scope to East Asian languages, i.e.
Chinese and Korea, and English documents published in East Asia, and has
attracted international participation not only from Asia but also from
North America, Europe, and Oceania.

As for the open submission session, the program committee especially
encourages submissions that discuss (1) evaluation methodologies and
metrics, and (2) any attempt to exploit the information access towards
subjective / sentimental statement in the documents and its evaluation.
We expect that the presentation on these topics will be good input for
the discussion for the NTCIR-6 tasks and future directions. Your
contribution is more than welcome!

For the submissions on evaluation methodologies and metrics, NTCIR-3
CLIR submission raw data archive is available for research purpose, and
those for other tasks and other NTCIR's will be available Sept 21. If
you are interested in those archives for research purpose, please
contact Noriko Kando.


OCT 01, 2005: Submission Due
NOV 01, 2005 : Notification: Acceptance/rejection
NOV 16, 2005 : Camera-ready (to be included in both paper- and online

OCT 15, 2005: Abstract Submission Due : Please indicate the intention
to submit short papers by sending the "information sheet"
NOV 01, 2005 : Submission Due : Short papers (4 pages)
NOV 16, 2005 : Notification: Acceptance/rejection
NOV 23, 2005 : Camera-ready (online proceedings only)

DEC 06, 2005


Topics of interest include but not limited to:
- Focused Track 1: Evaluation, test collection building, metrics
- Focused Track 2: Information access for subjective and sentiment
- Information extraction
- Information retrieval
- Multi- or cross-lingual information access including CLIR, CL question
answering, multilingual summarization,language identification
- Multi- or transmedia information access
- Question answering
- Statistical and learning techniques for text processing
- Text summarization


Requirements: Submissions must describe original, completed, unpublished
work, and include concrete evaluation results. Submission must be an
unpublished, original work which was not under consideration to be
published elsewhere.

Format: The submission must be electronic PDF format and should follow
the instruction of NTCIR Proceedings author's guideline: two-column and
no longer than eight pages including tables/figures and references for
Full papers. For late-breaking short papers and poster papers, it will
be four pages in the same format. Please discard author's names and
affiliations for the initial submission.

A PDF file of the paper and a text file of the separate information
sheet for the paper should be sent to ntc-submit (at) nii. ac. jp as
attachment of an email.

The separate INFORMATION SHEET sheet will include:
* Title of Work
* Author(s)' names, affiliations, and email addresses
* Contact author, contact information
* Number of pages:
* A short list of keywords
* Abstract (no more than 500 words)
* Submission Type: Full paper / Late-breaking Short paper

The submissions for the late-breaking short papers may be accepted for
oral presentation or for presentation in a digital poster session. The
accepted short papers and poster papers will NOT be included in the
printed-version of the proceeding and will be included in the online
proceedings only.


Hsin-Hsi Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan ROC


The NTCIR-5 Workshop Meeting will be held at the National Center for
Sciences, where the National Institute of Informatics is situated. It is
in the central part of Tokyo and just across the street from the Royal
Palace. The travel and hotel information is available on the Workshop
Web site.


NTCIR-5 TASKS & COLLECTION DESCRIPTION: http://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir-


Program Chair and Comittee:  ntc-submit (at) nii.ac.jp