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[ntcir:204] CFP: NTCIR-6 Pre-Meeting Workshop on Information Access Evaluation

                  CALL FOR PAPERS
         NTCIR-6 Pre-Meeting Workshop (PMW)
         on Information Access Evaluation
         May 15, 2007 @ NII, Tokyo, Japan.

         PMW Co-Chairs:
         Tetsuya Sakai (Toshiba Corporate R&D Center, Japan) and
         Mark Sanderson (University of Sheffield, UK)

Evaluation of Information Retrieval, Question Answering and Text
Summarisation systems has been central to Information Access research
for decades. As retrieval has become more pervasive and diverse, the
need for effective and efficient evaluation has never been more important.
Following the success of Open Submission Sessions over the last two
years, NTCIR will hold a Pre-Meeting Workshop (PMW) on evaluation in
Information Access, which will run the day before the main sessions of
NTCIR start. We welcome submissions of high-quality papers from
participants and non-participants, especially those addressing one or
more of the following topics:

- Test collections, their formation, evaluation metrics and evaluation
- Cross-conference comparison: NTCIR, CLEF, TREC, DUC and others
- Evaluation of specific information access tasks, e.g., for education
and training
- Evaluation of query-specific approaches
- Evaluation of multilingual, multimedia and/or mobile information access
- Real-world search topics and/or evaluation in vivo
- Novel information access tasks and their evaluation

The submitted papers will be blind-reviewed and those accepted will be
presented orally at the Workshop on May 15, 2007. The accepted papers
will be included in the online and printed versions of NTCIR-6
Proceedings. We expect the PMW to be more competitive than the previous
Open Submission Sessions held at NTCIR-4 and 5.

December 15, 2006: Submissions due
February 15, 2007: Notifications of acceptance
March 15, 2007: Final manuscripts due
May 15, 2007 (Day 1 of the NTCIR-6 Workshop Meeting): PMW takes place

For now, please use latex8.sty and sample tex source file
(ntcir_author.tex) available at the NTCIR-5 website (not NTCIR-6)
but for the NTCIR-6 PMW please note that the following special
instructions apply:

- NUMBER OF PAGES: Minimum: 6, Maximum: 12
We allow up to 12 pages because some evaluation papers may
involve lots of results and analyses.

To facilitate blind reviewing, do NOT include the author names in your
submission, and "anonymize" your own citations to the best of your ability.

Your pdf filename should be in the form:
If you have multiple submissions, then use
and so on. (We will of course rename your files for blind reviewing.)

We plan to use a web-based paper reviewing system.
Details will be announced later.

Finally, please note that DUPLICATE SUBMISSIONS, if detected, will be
rejected unconditionally. That is, submitting the same paper to the PMW
and to another conference simultaneously is strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Tetsuya Sakai (tetsuya.sakai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

NTCIR is an evaluation exercise with an Asian language focus. Last year,
NTCIR-5 attracted over 100 groups from 15 countries, the Sixth NTCIR
will be held at the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan, May
15-17, 2007. (Please visit
http://research.nii.ac.jp/ntcir/ntcir-ws6/ws-en.html ) The meeting will
bring together researchers working on information access technologies
such as Monolingual/Multilingual Information Retrieval and Question
Answering, to sum up their one-year evaluation efforts for the NTCIR-6
tracks. A number of NTCIR-6 participants will be given a chance to
present their "site reports" at the regular sessions; All participants
will present their results at the poster sessions to exchange ideas and