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[ntcir:212] CFP: Opinion Analysis Task at NTCIR-6

                Call for Participation
         Opinion Analysis Pilot Task at NTCIR Workshop 6

1. Introduction

Opinion Analysis is a pilot task in the series of NTCIR Workshops.
In recent years, several important conferences such as AAAI, ACL,
COLING, SIGIR, WWW, etc., have published works on opinion extraction,
sentiment,  and subjective information analysis.  However, no common
platform for  languages other than English exists that can be used
to evaluate these technologies.

In 2005, the open submission session at NTCIR-5 collected researchers
comments about a new pilot task.  This pilot task aims to build
Chinese/English/Japanese opinion extraction corpora based on the past
NTCIR CLIR test collections, and to promote investigation of
opinionated information access.

Opinion extraction is one of the kernel technologies related to
opinion analysis tasks.  In this pilot task, Chinese/English/Japanese
sentences are the basic units for extraction and relevance judgments.
Opinions and the opinion holders are the information we focus on.
The test collection consists of topics and the relevant documents.
For each topic and the corresponding relevant documents, participants
have to report which sentences have subjective information relevant
to the designated topic, their polarity, and the "explicit" opinion holder.

The detailed call-for-participation can be found at:

If you are interested in this task, please join the discussion
about task description through the mailing list by just write an email
to the organizer at opinion-admin (at) nii.ac.jp, or send an email
with the command "subscribe ntc-opinion" to majordomo (at) nii.ac.jp
in the message body.

2. How to Participate and Register

Participation and registration information is available on the
web at:

3. Schedule

2006-08-01: Start of Registration
2006-09-30: Registration Due
2006-10-16 Test set release,
2006-10-31 Results submission
2007-02 Evaluation results
2007-03 Paper submission deadline
2007-05-15 to 18 NTCIR6 Conference, Tokyo, Japan (see also

4. Task Organizers (in alphabetic order)

Hsin-Hsi Chen (co-chairs), National Taiwan University, Taiwan
David Kirk Evans, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Noriko Kando, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Lun-Wei Ku, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Chin-Yew Lin, Microsoft Research Asia, China
Yohei Seki, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan