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[ntcir:226] NTCIR-related Japanese workshop in September

Dear NTCIR-6 Task participants,

The following announcement is particularly relevant
if your team is based in Japan or has a Japanese-speaking
participating member.

The Information Processing Society of Japan
Special Interest Group on Fundamental Informatics (IPSJ SIGFI)
is planning to hold a *domestic post-NTCIR-6-workshop*
at the Forum on Information Technology (FIT) 2007
(Sept. 5-7 at Chukyo Univ., Aichi Pref.)
http://www.ipsj.or.jp/10jigyo/fit/fit2007/index.html (Japanese website).
The workshop is tentatively called NTCIR@FIT and we plan to
feature an overview talk by Kando-san and
about four talks by NTCIR-6 participating teams
recommended to SIGFI by the NTCIR-6 task organisers.
These four teams, which may be invited from any of the NTCIR-6 tasks,
will be asked to talk about their findings at NTCIR-6
and possibly suggestions for NTCIR-7.

Now the important thing for the moment is,
the task organisers will decide
which teams should be invited to give a talk at NTCIR@FIT
*based on the contents of the participants' papers*.
The selection process is scheduled to run in parallel with the
oral presentation selection for the NTCIR-6 workshop meeting.

So the point is: If you are interested in giving a talk at NTCIR@FIT,
please submit a GOOD paper to NTCIR-6!
We apologise for this late announcement.

PS. Even if you do NOT plan to join NTCIR@FIT,
please submit a GOOD paper to NTCIR-6!

Tetsuya Sakai, IPSJ SIGFI Secretary