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[ntcir:232] NTCIR-6 Meeting, May 15-18

Dear NTCIR list members,

Thank you for your interest and support for NTCIR.
The process of NTCIR-6 is going well and now approaching
to the final meeting. The final meeting for NTCIR-6
will be held on May 15 - 18, NII, Tokyo, Japan.
You are most welcome to attend and join the discussion.


The DAY-1 (May 15) will be a Pre-Meeting Workshop
called the First International Workshop on Evaluating
Information Access (EVIA 2007), and DAY 2-4 (May 16-18)
will be the meeting for NTCIR-6. All the active
participants are expected to attend and present
materials either oral or poster presentations on DAY 2-4.

Travel information and other details are available
on the above URL.

then follow the link to the registration page.

To register, if you participated one or more tasks set by
NTCIR-6, please choose "task participant" then select
the task(s) you participated.  If you did not participate
any task set by NTCIR-6, please select "non-task participant".
These categories are set in order to put the participated
task(s) on the name badges at the meeting and make sure
all the task participants attend the meeting to present
their materials either as oral or digital posters. Other
than these two issues, there are no differences between these
two categories of registrations.

VISA: If you need a VISA to enter Japan, conference
secretariat will prepare documents needed for visa
application. Please contact Mr. Keisuke Kaneko and
Ms Mami Fujita at ntcir6_visa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Detailed program will be up in the next week.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Tokyo,
Noriko Kando
ntcir project