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[ntcir:261] CFP for ACL2008: HLT IR Area

I would like to call the IR research community's attention to the "ACL
2008: HLT" conference.  This year ACL is making a concerted effort to
attract excellent Information Retrieval research papers.  I am serving
as PC co-chair for IR, and am helped by Noriko Kando, David Carmel, and
Elizabeth Liddy, who are serving as "area chairs" for IR.  We are
putting together a group of reviewers who have solid experience in IR,
both to ensure that good IR research is recognized and to prevent poor
IR research from slipping through.

Please consider submitting your IR research to ACL:HLT this year.  The
ACL connection means that there will be some bias toward papers that
touch on language technologies such as NLP, speech recognition, machine
translation, discourse, and so on.  However, "general" IR papers are
entirely within scope, and areas with IR roots or connections are also
encouraged: text mining, filtering, recommendation systems, question
answering, classification, clustering, sentiment analysis, etc.

The submission deadline for ACL:HLT is January 10, 2008.  ACL will be
held June 15-20 near Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  (The
discount airline Skybus flies there from a large number of places around
the US, and guarantees 10 seats for $10 each on every flight.  Of
course, they're probably already taken, but it's nice to contemplate.)

If you're considering SIGIR instead or in addition, its submission
deadline is January 28th [abstract due a week earlier].  SIGIR will be
held July 20-24 in Singapore.  SIGIR's acceptance rate has been running
slightly below 20% lately.

The complete call for papers as well as other useful information is
available at http://acl2008.org.