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[ntcir:277] CLEF Flickr Challenge - call for participation

*CLEF Flickr **C* *hallenge* - Call for Participation

You've spent a lot of time /developing/ Cross-Language Information
Retrieval systems, but... How much time have you been actually
/searching/ for information written in foreign languages?

With the *CLEF Flickr * *C**hallenge*, now you can prove that you are also
a great multilingual searcher, and you can have a hands-on experience
on the user perspective for Cross-Language IR systems. Just go to:


and register for the competition. The challenge is simple: you will be
given raw
(unnanotated) images, and your goal is to find them in the flickr.com image
repository, using textual search facilities. Easy? Well, you do not know
in which language(s) each image has been described in Flickr.
The more images you find (and the less hints you need), the best you score
in the ranking.

The best individual CLEF searcher, and the best CLEF group, will receive
the /Flickr challenge awards/ at the CLEF workshop in Aarhus.

You can start competing now!

Best regards,

Julio Gonzalo, Paul Clough and Jussi Karlgren
(iCLEF coordinators)

PS: The flickr challenge is an initiative of the iCLEF track. Visit
http://nlp.uned.es/iCLEF for details. The (anonymized) logs of your
search activity will contribute to a log analysis task.