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[ntcir:291] Seminar on "MultiMatch: multilingual/multimedia access to Cultural Heritage" Nov.25, 13:00-14:00

Dear all,

We will have a seminar talk on "MultiMatch and beyond:
Multilingual/Multimedia Access to Cultural Heritage" by Dr. Martha
Larson, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands (Recently finished
working on the MultiMatch project at the University of Amsterdam,

You are most welcome to join us with the seminar and discussion!


Seminar on "MultiMatch and beyond: Multilingual/Mulimedia
Access to Cultural  Heritage"
                                    by Dr. Martha Larson

  Tuesday, Noveber 25, 2008.
  13:00 - 14:00

  NII, Seminar Room (20th floor)

  MultiMatch and beyond: Multilingual/Mulimedia Access to
  Cultural Heritage

  The level of user engagement with cultural heritage content
online has experienced a steady rise. This talk introduces
the European project MultiMatch, which developed a prototype
system for multilingual/multimedia access to cultural heritage
content. The talk focuses especially on multimedia retrieval,
including techniques for providing users with access to podcasts
and techniques for automatically tagging video with subject

The podosphere, the collection of all podcasts available on
line, is a particularly challenging domain since it includes
both edited and user generated content. The University of
Amsterdam in conjunction with Dublin City University has
developed a technique for creating structured surrogates for
podcasts by exploiting automatic speech recognition (ASR)
transcripts. In further work, we explore the potential
for speech recognition transcripts to support retrieval
of podcasts. We show that the usefulness of ASR transcripts
is dependent on the information need behind the user's query.

Television documentary video is an important source of
cultural heritage information. In countries such as the
Netherlands documentaries are multi-lingual: Experts and
studio guests who do not speak Dutch often speak English.
These English-language interviews are useful to information
seekers, but they are buried in predominantly Dutch-language
video archives. Consequently, they are currently very
difficult to find, unless the information seeker
understands Dutch. The VideoCLEF initiative is a CLEF
campaign track started in the MultiMatch project with
the objective of promoting the development of techniques
for providing access to such dual language video content.

We present techniques for automatically tagging videos with
subject labels that can support users in search and browsing.


Academic Host: Noriko Kando, Professor, NII (ex. 2529)

Noriko Kando