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[ntcir:295] Poster for NTCIR-8 task

Dear all,

If you intend to propose a new task for *NTCIR-8*, please
join the poster session in the NTCIR-7 Workshop Meeting,
as a speaker.

During the poster session, you can present plans for your
task using a paper poster, and participants are requested
to vote for interesting posters. So, you can get feedback
from potential participants for your task.

If you send a poster file in PDF to ntc-secretariat@xxxxxxxxx
by the morning in December 17, the secretariat will print
and prepare your poster.

And to discuss about the task that you will propose for NTCIR-8,
you can organize a break out session in the NTCIR-7
meeting, or you can organize a round-table meeting sometime
during next week.

You are also requested to submit details of your plan
in an application form later.  When you will submit
the task proposal, we will put it in the Forum on
the ntcir .nii.ac. jp server for the discussion.

Please contact ntc-secretariat@xxxxxxxxx for details.

Best regards,

Noriko Kando