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[ntcir:310] Lecture Series on Machine Translation

Dear All,

We'll have a series of lectures on machine translation and
computer-aided translation starting from April 14, the next week.

Those who are interested in machine translation, or multilingual text
processing in general are welcome to join the lectures.

Fee and reservation is not required, and we also welcome people from
outside of NII. The schedule is as follows.

Place: 20F Lecture Room (NII)
Time: 2pm - 4pm

Lecture 1: Linguistic, computational and operational architectures of MT
systems (Apr. 14)
Lecture 2: Linguistic architectures of MT systems (Apr. 16)
Lecture 3: Computational architectures of MT systems (Apr. 21)
Lecture 4: Engineering of MT and CAT systems (CAT = MT + TA, TA =
translation aids) (Apr. 23)
Lecture 5: Evaluation of MT and CAT systems for various operational
architectures (Apr. 28)
Lecture 6: Corpora for hybrid MT/CAT systems (Apr. 30)

The following page shows the detail of the lectures.


Redistribution of this information to other people and mailing lists is
also appreciated.

Best Regards,
National Institute of Informatics