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[ntcir:345] Fwd: [CLEF] TrebleCLEF Portal on Best Practices in Multilingual Information Access

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The TrebleCLEF consortium is glad to announce that the TrebleCLEF  Best Practices portal is now publicly available in the Best Practice area of the TrebleCLEF  website (http://www.trebleclef.eu/jsbestpractices.php).


The portal aims primarily at disseminating the content of the Best Practices recommendations produced the TrebleCLEF  project, namely:


 - Best Practices in Language Resources for MLIA

 - Best Practices for Test Collection Creation, Evaluation Methodologies and    

   Language Processing Technologies

 -  Best-practice in System-oriented and User-oriented MLIA


It also provides information on different kinds of MLIA-related resources and tools, organized according to a taxonomy of relations.


Although the Portal has been developed in the context of TrebleCLEF, it is intended to maintain and update it beyond the end of the  project. Everyone is thus invited to share resources and information relevant to the study and the development of MLIA technologies, by registering and adding content directly.  


Instructions on how to contribute to the population of the Portal are provided at the Portal Home Page.




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