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[ntcir:374] Call for Papers: (CLP2010) CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing--August 28-29th, 2010, Beijing, China

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Call for Papers: CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing (CLP2010)




Background and Goals


With the rapid of expansion of Chinese language materials on the Internet, the use of natural language technology as a way of harnessing Chinese language content is drawing growing interest from researchers around the globe. The rise of China as a global power with increasing influence on the world stage is only fanning this interest. The Chinese language also has a number of characteristics that make Chinese language processing particularly challenging and intellectually rewarding. For example, written Chinese text does not have conventionalized word boundaries like English and other Western languages, and researchers have devoted an enormous amount of energy to figuring out the best way to identify words, which is generally considered to the first step for more advanced language processing tasks. There have been four successful international Chinese word segmentation bakeoffs sponsored by the ACL Special Interest Group on Chinese Language Processing (SIGHAN), and they have drawn wide participation and have greatly advanced the state-of-the-art in this area.  The Chinese language is also characterized by the lack of formal devices such as morphological tense and number that often provide important clues for shallow language processing tasks like part-of-speech tagging and syntactic chunking. As a result, solutions to Chinese language processing problems often require more sophisticated language processing techniques that are capable of drawing inferences from more subtle information.


Against this backdrop, the first conference on Chinese Language Processing (CLP2010) jointly organized by the Chinese Information Processing Society of China (CIPS) and SIGHAN, will be held on August 28-29, 2010 in Beijing, right after COLING 2010 and in the same venue. The goal is to bring together both established and aspiring researchers around the globe and provide a unified forum for them to showcase their research achievements, share their ideas, and frame research problems that are crucial in advancing the state-of-the-art in Chinese language processing.

Papers are invited on substantial, original and unpublished research on all aspects of Chinese language processing, including but not limited to:

       word segmentation

       part-of-speech tagging

       syntactic chunking and parsing

       lexical semantics

       semantic role labeling

       word sense disambiguation

       lexicon acquisition

       corpus development  and language resources

       evaluation methods and user studies

       computational models of discourse

       temporal and spatial information processing

       sentimental analysis and opinion mining

       language generation

       information extraction

       question answering

       information retrieval

       dialogue systems

       machine translation


The CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing will also feature four international bake-offs in Chinese Language Processing, and these are:

       Chinese word segmentation

       Chinese Parsing

       Chinese Personal Name disambiguation

       Chinese Word Sense Induction


Please visit the website (http://www.cipsc.org.cn/clp2010/cfpa.htm) for the details on these competitions.


Submission Method

Papers should be written in English and may not exceed 8 pages (including all illustrations, references and appendices, and using 11pt for the main text). We strongly recommend the use of the LaTeX style files or MS Word document template provided by COLING 2010, available at http://www.coling-2010.org.  Since reviewing will be blind, manuscripts should not include authors' names and affiliations.


Important Dates


Paper Submission Deadline:      May 30, 2010

Notification of Paper Acceptance:       Jun 30, 2010

Camera Ready Submission Deadline:       July 10, 2010
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