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[ntcir:387] SimInt 2010: SIGIR2010 Workshop on Simulation of Interaction

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Dear Colleagues:

TREC-like test collections enable automated evaluation of
non-interactive Information Retrieval and have led to great advances
in IR over the past 20 years. However, real-life IR is interactive,
and therefore non-interactive experiments cannot represent all
aspects of system usage and the information seeking process. Therefore
it is necessary to consider aspects of interaction in the design of IR
experiments. We have however learned over the years that user-oriented
interactive IR experiments are (i) challenging to design,(ii) laborious and costly to carry out, (iii) often limited in scope due to the limited test subjects, and (iv) lack replicability.

The simulation of interaction provides an interesting and powerful
alternative to user experiments. Through new automated evaluation
methodologies that consider the user and the interface, the simulation
of interaction could enable lots of fruitful research in Interactive IR,
which could not otherwise be performed.
To explore the  challenges and possibilities of Automated Evaluation of
Interactive   Information Retrieval, the SIGIR Workshop SimInt 2010:
Simulation of Interaction Workshop is being held at the ACM-SIGIR Conference in Geneva.

The goals of the workshop are as follows:

    1. To provide an open and friendly forum for the discussion and
debate of Simulation of Interaction for Automated

    2. To discuss, debate and define Automated Evaluation, in
particular through the Simulation of Interaction

    3. To provide report on the developments and outcomes of the
workshop and provide a useful online resource for the community on
automated evaluation for IIR.

The workshop discussion will start through online participation with the
group website where participants will be able to access and comment on
submissions and contribute to the list of resources, while at the
workshop we plan to hold a very interactive and fast paced workshop with
loads of discussion.

The deadline for submissions is May 23, and the workshop is on July 23,
2010, at SIGIR. For more information on the workshop and submissions,
see the workshop website at:

If you are interested in participating, then please submit either a new
and novel contribution paper or a position paper to the workshop - see
the call for papers on the website. And plan to be an active participant – this workshop is not for the faint hearted!

Workshop Organizers
- Leif Azzopardi
- Kal Järvelin
- Jaap Kamps
- Mark Smucker

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