Submission of the Formal Proceedings of NTCIR Workshop Meeting

Every active participants who conducted the task(s) set by the NTCIR Workshop 2 must write and submit the paper of the Formal Proceedings, regardless of the attendance of the Workshop meeting. Please enhance your paper based on the discussion at the meeting. Please try to include failure analysis. Please follow the guideline on the web: author guideline and online submission in the same manner of working-note proceedings except for the following information.

Submission due:

extended to April 23, 2001

What you submit:

1 copyright form (via postal to us*) using the form we provide for the formal proceedings.
Please newly download and complete it since the contents differ form the ones for the working-note proceedings.
2 copies of hard copy version (via postal to us*). Further information is available here.
text and PDF files for online version (via electronic) with names which begin with "IR" or "SUMM". Further information is available here. PDF version of the proceeding will be published on the NTCIR web site.
(*) NTCIR Project
Research Center for Information Resources
National Institute of Informatics
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN.

§101-8430 “Œ‹ž“sç‘ã“c‹æˆêƒc‹´2-1-2
‘—§î•ñŠwŒ¤‹†Š î•ñŠwŽ‘Œ¹Œ¤‹†ƒZƒ“ƒ^[

Page limit:

No longer than 8 pages for one sub-task participation or 16 pages for plural tasks/sub-tasks participation.

If you plan to use LaTeX for compiling the manuscript, please get the style file named latex8.sty for that. If you use 'latex8.sty', please adjust the margin settings, the same as the sample tex source file.

Click on the file names below:

(*) The marked files are revised for the formal proceedings.

Contact: ntc-proceedings